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Canine Bill of Rights
Don't Grieve For Me
Grieve Not For Me
Guardians Of The Night
He's Just My Dog
Horses Prayer
I Am A Deputy Canine Crew
I Am A Working Dog
I Gave My All
I'm Still Here
In Memory of A Police Dog
Just A Dog
Last Night In The Twilight
Law of the Jungle
Life of a Police Dog
Lord Byron # 1 & # 2
My Partner
Outside Heaven's Gate
Policeman's Prayer
Rainbow Bridge (various languages)
SAR (Search & Rescue)
Spirit of a German Shepherd
The Creation Of Man's Best Friend
The Final Inspection
The First & Last Police Canine
Wait At The Gate
Will There Be Dogs In Heaven
Working Dog Oath
No great achievements may be ours
Nor special honours won
Yet, we would LIKE to leave our pawprints
Whene'er our time is done
How shall we then, achieve this goal
If we do not win fame?
Will the tides of time erase
The very mem'ry of our names?
We'd like to think our lives worthwhile
Not just to us, you see,
But to the masters we have served
And to our whole communities
How, then shall we leave our marks
Upon Life's shifting sands?
By giving more  expecting less
And making few demands
What can we contribute
To make our pawprints firm?
All the love we have to offer
The will to live and learn
And then we think we'll e content
When our time has come to est
If folk will just remember
That we ALWAYS did our best
~~~~~by Milita Houlahan  (sent to me from K9 handler in Australia)

Poem entered by Glassboro PD, NJ
My eyes are your eyes,
to watch and protect yours

My ears are your ears.
To hear and detect evil minds in the dark.
My nose is your nose,
 To scent the invades of your domain

And... so you may live,
 my life is also yours.
 (unknown author)

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