I donate all memorial cards for working dogs of police, sheriff, SAR, and military, & now arson,
in the line of duty or natural causes. I need notification, just email me.
If I can stop one heart from breaking, 
I shall not have lived in vain.
If I can ease one life, 
the aching, or cool one's pain,
or help one fainting robin
unto his nest again,
I shall not have lived in vain.
Emily Dickinson
Meet "Heidi"
November 1961 - February 1974

Heidi, was our GSD, many years ago. Eric was 18 months old & almost 4 years later Greg was born. Heidi was the best family pet we ever had. Of course, we say that about everyone of our dogs. She gave us protection and unconditional love, and lived to be 13.
I forgot how beautiful she was.

How did I begin to donate working dog cards?
Click here to read my "Passions For K-9s"

SO.........WHO ARE WE ?
AKA; Robert (born and raised in New Jersey)
Louise (born in Michigan & raised in Indiana)
Parents of 2 GSPs, 2 grown sons who married
2 great gals, & gave us 4 really grandchildren. 

We love boating, fishing, dancing, grandkids, pets, people
& we are fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.
writing  books about K9s,  bridge, computers,
 website  & working out -(me, not Bob).
Hunting & gardening & cooking out & working out - (Bob, not me).


Meet Bob & Lulu

How did I begin to make Pet Memorial Cards? Well, when we lost our "Greta," sometimes known as "Re"Greta (smile) our 3rd GSP, Bob took her for her final visit to our vets. I was devastated. No matter how many times a person goes through this, it is never easy. I make a lot of custom prayer cards with or without photos and laminated obituaries for people who pass, for local funeral directors, since we sold our funeral home in Jan. 1995. You see, I fell in love with a USAF (airman) who became a funeral director, who was going to be a veterinarian..... SO, it was natural for me to go up to my office and make cards for our dear, sweet Greta.  It was automatic. I don't know why I did this, I just did. This was how I coped with her loss. Tessa, our 4th GSP, the younger dog, sat on the floor by my side, watching my tears flow down my cheeks.  I began to make cards in her honor. Later, I mailed them to family & friends letting them know that we needed their support.  Later, I sent them to breeders looking for a puppy especially for Tessa, who was also grieving.  One day I received a phone call from a lady in Rhode Island. She saw one of my cards from a friend who attended the same dog show. She was requesting cards for her pet. That was the beginning. We now have Chloe (our 5th GSP) & Tessa (photos below). Tessa is happy to have her in the family, & took over Senior Top Dog position. She loves Chloe and welcomed her instantly, with wagging tail & doggie sniffs. She teaches Chloe everything, good and bad.  We are one happy family again.
We lost our sweet Chloe on Aug. 6, 2008, and 2 years ago
we rescued Bella.  So Tessa has Bella and they are best friends.
I know... they think Chloe will be back, I wish it were so.

926 Honeysuckle Lane
Cape May, NJ 08204-4852
609.886.5858 & 609.886.1724  &
Robert & Louise Krause



Our sons, 
Eric with Tess (GSP) &  Greg with Camielle,(B.Lab).

(Can you hear their laughter?)
This love for animals all started here
with my Fox Terrier, "Tiny."

I was pretty tiny then too. She lived to be 15, 
a big part of my childhood while 2 big brothers, 
ten years older than I , were defending our country in WW II, right out of highschool.  Bernie in Pacific (USN)
& Don in England, (US Army 8 Air Corps)

Then came Heidi, our GSD, (German Shepherd)

joined later by Schatzi,
our first GSP, 

Spring 1974-1985 

We always had 2 dogs.
They are great company for us and each other.

Meet Schatzi-born Spring 1974 - 1985
&  her daughter, Fritzi-born Sept. 22, 1976-1989
Then came Greta, AKA; "Regreta" (smile) 
October 12, 1985- July 3, 1997
She kept Fritzi young with her teasing

She is the reason why I started making pet cards.
 She crossed the Rainbow Bridge July 3, 1997
Greta is the reason I started doing pet & K9 memorial cards.
Tessa  born-June 1, 1989 & Chloe,born Apr. 15, 1997

our present German Shorthaired Pointers
We always had 2 dogs together,
more fun for them, more fun for us.


 Tessa with her favorite toy.....

We lost our sweet Tessa on 2/3/03. 


MEET Bella, we rescued her and
now we have 3 GSPs.  More fun.
Leesy, Chloe and Bella

We lost our Chloe on Aug. 6, 2008
and now we have 2......

Eve is a MIX English Pointer
We rescued our sweet EVE (aka; Eva) age 2
Jan. 2013

Leesy was born March 14, 2003 
a distant relative of our Tessa. 
 I call her our gift from Tessa 

To get
Chloe out of her depression, we now have Leesy. Chloe is
resting.... Leesy keeps her very busy.

Bella, an unexpected gift from GOD,
We rescued her and Leesy loves her too.
We lost our darling BELLA
12/12/12...... (tears)...


I wrote 2 books about working dogs. 
 Please take a look:
Heroes All Without Question 

(an unplanned venture) and K9s Are Human.


WHERE ARE WE ? And...where in NJ is Cape May?Moved here  Sept. 11, 1975

On the Way to Cape May
Words & Music by Bud Nugent
This is the music you hear...I took this off line & received several emails to put back on..  :-)
It's a bit "Hoaky," but we all love it & Cape May.

You looked so very pretty, 
when we met in Ocean City,
Like someone, oh, so easy to adore.
I sang this little ditty, 
on our way from Ocean City,
heading south along the New Jersey's shore

On The Way To Cape May
I fell in love with you.
On The Way To Cape May
I saw my dreams come true.

I was taken by your smile,
as we drifted by Sea Isle.
My heart was really gone
when we reached Avalon.

On The Way To Cape May
I fell in love with you.
On The Way To Cape May
I saw my dreams come true.

Stone Harbor's skies were blue
we were naming the day 
when Wildwood came in View.
If you're gonna be my spouse,
we'd better head for Court House....

On The Way To Cape May
I fell in love with you.
On The Way To Cape May
I saw my dreams come true. 

(author unknown)


Above is the "Nunnery" & Cape May Lighthouse
at Cape May Point, which is a NJ State Park.

Photo taken from the water called the RIPS, where the Atlantic meets the Delaware Bay. Great fishing in the RIPs, one of our favorite fishing spots. Cape May County is a summer resort for surf, sun & fun. The USCG Training Center is our dearest neighbor. I am proud to be an associate member of the Spouses Officer's Club for over 25 years.

On 7/5/04 Bob caught a 10.75 lb. flounder (Door Mat) 4 miles out from the Nunnery (above site). It was 29.5 inches. I "netted" it.
Never caught another one that big....

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