The F.A.S.T.  Co. - 2002 
Fallen K-9s, SAR & Mounted Units 
Sets of memorial cards donated to all partners 
140 total K-9s & 1 horse  - 38 States  
plus 1 Australia - 2 Canada- 
3 Holland - 1 England 
grand total: 147 
- Apr. 7, 2003 
These are only the stats that I was notified, not to be used as complete. Please notify me of any 
incorrect or broken links, T.Y.
Prior to 2002 
16 total LODD  
4 -Results of working WTC 9-11 
5 -Arson K-9s
Gilbert, "COSMO"(GSD) May 27, 2002
Partner: Officer Greg Thomas Gilbert Police Department
Gilbert, "BRIGG" (   ) October 26, 2002
Partner: Sgt. Rod Mamero Payson Police Department
Conway, "RINGO", (Belgium Malinois) January 27, 2002
Partner: Deputy Brad Brocker, Faulker County Sheriff's Department
Mountain Home, "REX", (Belgium Malinois) April 5, 2002
Partner:  Officer Jason Pace, Mountain Home Police Department
Oxnard, "RUDY" (Bel Mal.)  April 19, 2002
Partner: Officer J. R. Perez, Oxnard Police Department
Redding, "ASK0"  May 19, 1981 (Memorialized 10/5/02)
Partner: Officer Ken Kramerman (Now Lt. ) Redding Police Department
Redding, "PAX" (GSD)September 15, 1989
Partner: Officer Ken Kramerman (Now Lt. ) Redding Police Department
Rancho Cucomonga, "NEWBY" (Yellow Lab) March 24, 2001 
Handler: Susan DeAntonio, Rancho Cucomonga Fire Department
San Leandro, "JAMBO" (GSD), February 8, 2002
Partner: Officer Jeff Jouanicot, San Leandro Police Department
Redondo Beach, "ASKO"  (GSD ) August 17, 2002
Partner: Officer Ken Greenleaf, Redondo Beach Police Department
Sacramento, "KODA" (GSD)  April 30, 1997
                      Partner: Officer Rick Osborn , Sacramento Police Department  
Waterbury, "WILLIE" (   ) September 29, 2002
Partner: Officer Peter M. Morgan, Waterbury Police Department
University of CT Campus, "DALLAS," (GSD) January 3, 2002
Partner: Officer Paul Ossella,University of CT Police Department
Stratford, "HARLEY"  (Black Lab) January 23, 2002
Partner: Officer Robert Skrutsky, Stratford Police Department
Ledyard, "MAX," (GSD)  March 27, 2002
Partner:Sgt. Michael J. Ravenelle, Ledyard Police Department
Ledyard, "CLARK"  April 2, 2002
Partner: Officer Scott Petersen, Ledyard Police Department
Statford, "GROLL", (GSD) July 23, 2002
Partner: Officer Celeste M. Robitaille, Stratford Police Department
"URIAH" (Dutch shepherd)  1990 - May 5, 1998
Partner: Trooper Lynch, Connecticut State Police
New London, "WOLF " December, 2001
Partner: Det. Keith Crandall, New London Police Department
New London, "BANDIT" 1984 - 1988
 "ROCKY"  Born 1986 - 1996
"SHAKA" May of 1989  - 1996
Partner: Officer Eric Deltgen  New London Police Department
West Hartford, "LASER" ( GSD)December 1996
Partner: Officer Andy Niederdorfer. West Hartford Police Department
New Castle, "FRISKO" (horse)  September 8 or 9, 2002
 Handler: Ofc. James Hennessey,Mounted Police New Castle Police Department
D. C. : 1
Washington D.C., "EBO"  (  ) date:
                      Partner: Officer Doug Haymans, Washington Metro Transit Police Department
Panama City, "TURBO" (GSD )  April 22, 2002
Partner: Deputy Sherri Bagwell, Bay County Sheriff's Office
 Ft. Myers, "IKE" (GSD) March 21, 2002
Partner: Officer/deputy Gary Kamp, Lee County Sheriff's Office
Coral Springs, "KASEY" (GSD) May 13, 2002
Partner: Officer Rick Quigley, Coral Springs Police Department
Osceloa County, "MARK" (GSD) May 18, 2002
Partner: Deputy Bert McCue, Osceola County Sheriff Department
Sarasota County, "HUNTER" April 19, 2002
Partner: Deputy Brian Biegel, Sarasota County Sheriff's Department
Okaloosa County, "BEAU"  (Bel.Mal) September 19, 2002
Partner: K-9 Deputy Eubanks Johnny, Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office
Tampa, "JOURIE"  (Bel.Mal) September xx, 2002
Partner: Officer Keith Bush,  Tampa Police Department
Tampa, "BUDDY" (GSD) December 27, 2002
Partner: Deputy Mike Roberts, Hillsborough County Sheriff Department
Idaho Falls/Bonneville County, "RIK", June 5, 2002
Partner: Deputy James Schiffler, Bonneville County Sheriff Department
Bannock County, " KAI" March 5, 1994  (late entry)
Partner: Deputy Andy Thomas, Bannock County Sheriff Dept.
Now Detective A. Thomas  As seen on America's Most Wanted  6/22/02
Pocatello, "NASH " (GSD) December X, 2002
 Partner: Officer Ian Nelson, Pocatello Police Department
"TAZ"  March 19,  2002
Partner: Officer Scott  Ptacek   Franklin Park Police Department
Danville, "IWAN", (Belgium Malinois) March 9, 2002
Partner: Sgt. Cory Mason, Danville Police Department
Crown Point, "FAX", (GSD) April 23, 2002
Partner: Officer Brian Harpp, Crown Point Sheriff Department
Evansville, "DASTY"   (GSD) June 10, 2002
                     Partner: Officer Nick Henderson,  Evansville Police Department
Valporaiso, "QUENT" (GSD) November 23, 2000
Partner: Officer Gary Gear, Porter County Sheriff's Department
Indianapolis, "ZEUS" (D.Shep.) October 29, 2002
Partner: Officer Mitch Waters, Indianapolis Police Department
Madrid, "LAUREN" (GSD) January 1, 2002
Madrid, "FLAME" (GSD) February 16, 2002
Handler of 2 above:  Helen Young,  Iowa Search & Rescue  SAR
Des Moines, "RIO" (English Springer Spaniel) June 25, 2002
Partner: SPO Christopher Mahlstadt, Desmoines Police Department
Kellogg "RALPH" , October 10, 2002
Partner: Dave Krumm Iowa Search & Rescue  SAR
 Grinnell "WINDY"  October 22, 2002
Partner: Kathy Reed Iowa Search & Rescue  SAR
Jewell "TY" September 12, 2002
Partner: Karen Hermanson Iowa Search & Rescue  SAR
Derby, "KILO"( Bel. Mal) July 28, 2002
Partner: Officer James White, Derby Police Department
Parsons, "SKIPPER"   December 16, 2002
Handlers: Karen Hardesty SAR Oklahoma K-9 Sar &  & Heartland Sar


Frankfort, "MAJOR" (lab) June 9,  2002
Handler: Officer David Thurman, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife
Hopkinsville, "DANDY", (GSD) December 1, 2002
Partner: Capt. Mark Reid , Hopkinsville Police Department
Kenner, "TYLER"  (Choc.Lab) October 1, 2002
Partner: Sgt. Ron Labarriere, Kenner Police Department
New Orleans, "ZUCCO" (Bel.Mal) October 30, 2002
Partner: Officer Michael Hughes New Orleans Police Department
Portland,"JAZZ" , December 27, 2002
Partner: Officer Tony Balzano, Portland Police Department
Crisfield, "SONY", (GSD) May xx, 2002
 Partner: Sgt. Jeffrey McCready, Crisfield Police Department
Salisbury,"MAGNUM" (GSD?) August 31, 2002
Partner: Deputy Michael Dolch,  Wicomico County Sheriff's Department
 Anne Arundel County (Baltimore?) "BUBBA" (GSD)August 30, 2002
Partner: Cpl. Keith Baumann  Anne Arundel County Police Department
Framingham, "MAX" (GSD) July 2, 2002
                   Partner:  Tpr. Dennis Sullivan,   MA State Police
Yarmouth "SHADOW" (Bel. Mal) June 4, 2002
Partner: Officer Peter McClelland, Yarmouth Police Department
Allegan, "ROCCO"  October 10, 2002
Partner: Deputy David Miller Allegan County Sheriff's Department
West Plains, "BO", (GSD) March 1, 2002
Partner: Officer Brian Bunch, West Plains Police Department
Spanish Lake, "JETTA"  March 27, 2002 
               Handler: Patrick Horn, Spanish Lake Fire Protection District
          The Missouri Region C Technical Rescue Team Canine Division
Independence, "KEMO" (GSD) August 2, 2002
Partner: Sgt. John Bullard, Independence Police Department
Independence, "JAKE" (GSD) August 2, 2002
Partner: Paul Thompson, Independence Police Department
Independence, "ARCO" (GSD) August 2, 2002
Partner: xxxx, Independence Police Department
Raytown, "MIDNITE" (Blk. Lab) August 6, 2002
Partner: Officer Gary White, Raytown Police Department
Springfield, "PRESTON" (GSD) August 7, 2002
Partner: Officer Ginger Robertson, Springfield Police Department
St. Louis, "MIRANDA" (GSD) August 2, 2002
SAR - WTC Rescue & Recovery K-9 died from asbestosis
 Handler: Sgt. Dale Warke , MidWest SAR
Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, K-9 "SASHA" (Lab-black) , February 22, 2002
Partner: Officer Kent Reisenauer, The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Police Department
Grand Island, "NERO,"  (Dutch Shepherd) February 17, 2002
Partner: Officer (Ret.) Jerry Schenck, Nebraska State Trooper
Phillipsburg, "TANNER" (GSD) April 5, 2002
Partner: Officer Larry Marino, Jr., Phillipsburg Police Department
Phillipsburg, "COLT" (GSD)  Jan/Feb 2002
Partner:  xxx   Phillipsburg Police Department
Gallup, "JET" (Lab-black) March 20, 2002
Partner: Sgt. Gabriel Cebada, Gallup Police Department
Gallup, "RUDY" (Bel Mal) November 7, 2002
Partner: Deputy John Trevor-Smith, McKinley County Sheriff Department
 Las Vegas, "DANNY"  (GSD) September 23?, 2002
Partner: Officer Frank Sorrentino, Las Vegas K-9 Unit
Las Vegas, "RUDI"   (Bel Mal.)April 1, 2002
Partner: Officer John Jenkins, Las Vegas Metro Police Department
"DUKE" (xxx) date?)
Partner: Officer Mike Horn, Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. NV
"DAK", (GSD) July 17, 2002
Partner: Officer Mike Horn, Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. NV
"BRESTON" Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Worked WTC 9/11/02 NYC
"WINSTON" Las Vegas Metro Police Department
New York City, "BUDDY", (Chocolate Lab) January 3, 2002
Master: President William Clinton, Former USA President
Buffalo, "LARS" (GSD) February 22, 2002
Partner:  Deputy Lucian C. Hudson, Erie County Sheriff's Department
Cooperstown, "PETE" May 2, 2002
Partner: Deputy Henry Sheldon , Otsego County Seriff's Criminal Patrol Division
Bethlehem, Albany County,"HERSHEY" (Choc. Lab) Sept. 27, 2001 
Handler/Investigator: Officer Richard P Rogozinski, Office of Fire Prevention & Control
Yonkers, "CHAS"  June 10, 2002
Partner: Officer Edward Potanovic, Yonkers Police Dept. NY
Yonkers, "PAL", July 2, 2001
Partner: P.O. Michael O'Brien, Yonkers Police Depaartment
New York City, "ZEUS"  (GSD) July 23, 2002
Partner: Officer Robert Schnelle, New York Police Department
Worked WTC 9/11/02 NYC
Battavia, "DUKE"  (Bel.Mal.) July 25, 2002
Partner: Deputy Brian Thompson, Genesee County Sheriff's Office
Newburgh, "JIMMY"(GSD) May 17, 2002
SAR - WTC Rescue & Recovery K-9 died from asbestosis
Partner: David Vitalli,  Vortek Corp SAR K-9s (volunteer)
High Point, "STARKO" (Begian Malinois) May 9, 2002
Partner: MPO II Rick Dietz, High Point Police Department
High Point, " TASJA"(Belgian Malinois) May 13, 2002
Partner: Officer Terence Garrison, High Point Police Department
High Point, "BULLET"  (GSD) August xx , 1994
                    Partner: Officer Tim Tonsor, High Point Police Department
Henderson, "JUNO" (GSD)  July 7, 2002
                      Partner: Deputy N. R. (Ray) Shearin, Vance County Sheriff Department
Wilson, "CAESAR"  October  24, 2002
Partner: Officer A. L. Crouse , Wilson Police Department
Charlotte Mecklenburg, "RICCO " November 9, 2002
Partner: Officer Charles Smith, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
Rockingham County, "IKE" ( ) November 26. 2002
Partner: Deputy xxx Rockingham County Sheriff's Department
Asheboro "CASTOR"  (Bel.Mal.) June 28 2002
Partner: Sgt. Frank VonCannon, Asheboro Police Department
OHIO: 10
Trumbull County, "FANG" April 22, 2002
Partner: Lt. Dan D' Annunzio, Trumbull County Sheriff Department
Dayton, "Orlando,  Duk,  Frigo,  Morkon,  Eron," May 6, 2002 Delta Airlines
survived by  GSD, Kokso plus; Al & Susan Gill of Von der haus Gill German Shepherds
Montgomery Co. "HUNTER" (black lab) August 21, 2002
Partner: Sgt. Larry Schroeder, Montgomery County Sheriff Department
Montgomery Co. "GATOR" (GSD) date?
Partner: Deputy Mike Fox, Montgomery County Sheriff Dept.
Youngstown, "ROOKIE" (GSD)  December 27, 2002
Partner: Patrolman Jack Neapolitan, Boardman Police Dept.
Brookville, "TORI" (GSD)December 14, 2002
Partner, Chief Don Perkins, Clay Township Police Department
McLoud, "SERGEANT DON", (GSD)  January 1, 2002
Partner: Officer Ron Ross, McLoud Police Department
Brookings, K-9 "HOJEE" Von Silberwiese, (Bel. Mal) June 10, 2002
Partner: Chief Chris Wallace, Brookings Police Department
Portland,"LEX" (GSD) December 10, 2002
Partner: Officer Bert Combs, Portland Police Bureau
Whitehall, "MONTY", (GSD) March 9, 2002
Partner: Officer Rich Garner, Whitehall Police Department
Philadelphia,"WOODROW", (GSD) May 24, 2002
Partner: Officer Joseph Arrison, Philadelphia Police K-9 Academy
Reading, " KINO"   (GSD) July 5, 2002
Partner: Sgt. Michael Schmittinger, Northern Berks Regional Police Department
Erie,"JED" (Yel. Lab)April 18, 2000 
 Handler: Steven F. Reichert,  Investigation Team in Erie
Langhorne,"ZEUS" (GSD?) September 28, 2002
Partner: Officer David Denton. Middletown Township Police Department
Anderson,"DUCHESS", (Bloodhound)  March 28, 2002
Partner: Deputy Josh Payne, Anderson County Sheriff’s Department
Anderson City, "CHUCK"  (Bel. Malinois) May 8, 2002
                     Partner: Sgt. Wes Barnes, Anderson City Police Department
Anderson, "EROS"xx, 2002
Partner: Officer Mike Dickson, Anderson PD/Sheriff
Nashville area "ADDIE" (Bloodhound) October 22, 2002
Partner: Chief Ranger Shane Petty Tennessee State Park
Garland, "BEXAR" (GSD) March 20, 2002
Partner: Officer Brian Griffeth, Garland Police Department
Orville, "ZEKE" (Rottie) April 22, 2002
 Officer Francine J. Gaynor
Houston, "HALLE"( Black Lab) April 28, 2002
Handlers: Jason & Dana Berry, Greater Houston Search Dogs SAR
Dumas, "FRESCO" (Bel. Malinois) June 7, 2002
Parnter: Officer Derek Welch, Dumas Police Department
Longview, "REMO"  (GSD)  July 19, 2002
 Partner: Officer Johnny Edwards, Longview Police Department
Freeport, "ARGUS" (GSD) October 7, 2002
Partner: Sgt. Allen Lawson, Freeport Police Department
Midvale City, "PEDRO", August 9,  2002
Partner: Officer Robert Miner, Midvale City Police Department
Pentagon, "K-9 BAK"  (GSD)February 6, 2000
Partner: Officer Brian Mosley, Defense Protective Service
"BARRY" Belgian Malinois  November 22, 2002
 " TANK" retired Patrol dog Rottweiler June 2002
Partner of 2 above: Officer Carol Catizone. Correctional Institute
(city?) "BLAZE" (GSD)  Dec. 19, 2001
Handler: Robert Leonard  C.F.E.I. Accelerant Detection K-9 WI
Australia, "TITAN" (GSD) March 12, 2002
Partner: Snr-SgtJohn Casey
 PLACE? ARGUS  June 29 2002
                      Handler:  Constable Brian Moss, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Langley, "MASE",  (gsd?) date?
                Handler:  Cpl. Garry Begg, Langley Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Rotterdam, "ROBBIE" (GSD)  January 12, 2000
Partner: Dick van Leenen, Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police Department
Rotterdam, "ARPAD" (Bel.Mal.) June 29, 1999
Partner:  Partner: Ad Snoek Police of Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police Department
Rotterdam "RUDY" August 11, 1997
Partner: Wim Van Bochove Police of Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police Department
"SAM" December 2000
Handler Sgt. Ian Carnegie, Royal Army Veterinary Corps Dog Unit
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