The F.A.S.T.  Co. - 2001
& Europe
Fallen K-9s of WAR
Memorial cards  or book markers are donated to all partners below

  3 - 3 states  &  1 - Netherlands
5 K-9s Total             July 3, 2001


ROBBY  January 19, 2001
Partner:  Lance Corporal Shawnn Manthey

RENO  March, 2001  U.S. Air Force
Partner:  "AJ" Albert J. Haines III Air Force

SHADOW  June 25, 1985
Partner: Thomas Johnston

TY  May 23, 1997
Partner: Warren Neff, Ft. Riley, KS

RUDY, May 21, 1990
Partner,  Mario Warnaar, Holland
Soesterberg AFB, 298 Squadron
334 squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF),
32 TFS "Wolfhounds"
of the United States Air Force (USAF)

NERO April 1, 2003  (Kuwait) (LODD)
Kuwait City USAF
Partner SSgt. Kelly Bales

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