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In Loving Memory of
K-9 "SAM"
January 5, 2001

Daryl E. Delagrange, MPO III 
High Point Police Department 
High Point, NC 27260 

cards sent 2/1/02 & received to share with
others who loved Sam also. Thanks for email, Daryl.
Sam was a purebred Belgian Malinois, who worked the streets of High Point from January 14, 1991 until his retirement with honor and distinction on June 15, 1998.  He then tried to take life easy, but his desire to work the street never left.  Being retired was not for him.  When we worked together he would get sick on his stomach if he thought he was being left behind at home.  He was four years old when he started his K-9 career and over eleven and a half when he retired.  He will always be the oldest working K-9 that the High Point Police Department will ever have.  They are now required to be retired by age ten. Sam was put down with me at his side on January 5, 2001 because he could no longer have quality of life.  His life long (service years) vet performed the task.  He shed as many tears as I did.  On January 19, 2001, my department held a memorial service for him. A lot of nice things were said about Sam and I.  I had only hoped that I had made his life as rewarding as he had made mine.  He is truly missed. Sam was honored by being selected as both "Who's Who of Animals, 1994 and Who's Who of Dogs, 1995." Sam was also honored as "Patrol Dog of the Quarter" by the USPCA (United States Police Canine Association") for a track he ran back in 1993. So, not to relive his 67 apprehensions, he was a great dog and a wonderful partner.  I am a Housing Authority officer now.  In fact, the last six months that Sam spent on the street, we were assigned to the Housing Unit.  I still occasionlly dabble in K-9 stuff with the our new handlers.  In fact this last November(2001) our department sponsored a K-9 Seminar for about thirty dog teams across the nation.  I got to assist and that brought back a lot of memories.  I decided that when Sam retired I would never work another dog. Well that's a short version of my life as a K-9 chauffeur.  I loved it and loved my dog.  Of course I have always loved dogs.  If you want some coincidence, my parents sent their Doberman to WWII and he returned from the Pacific during WWII and two years later my twin bother and I were born.  So we sorta grew up around dogs with experience at catching the "bad guys".  I wish that my father would have lived long enough to have seen Sam.  He would have loved him to death.  Dad was an obedience trainer for the AKC. 

Ms Pamela Jane Delagrange" aka, "PJ"
Sam's friend @ home
In Loving Memory of
K-9 "CAO"
January 11, 2001

Partner:  Officer Keith Stevens
Crown Point PD  IN
Memorial Service Jan. 26, 2001
 Crown Point, IN is Lake County seat in northern Indiana.
Officer Keith Stevens said Cao, a 4-year-old German shepherd who was a three year veteran of the Crown Point Police Department, died early Thursday after suffering a seizure. Stevens, who was Cao’s handler, said the dog had seemed healthy. 
No results from autopsy.

To all the people at the F.A.S.T. Company,
Thank you so very much for the memorial cards that you sent.  It was amazing to see that kind gesture coming from people I have never met before.  It has touched us all deeply.  The cards did arrive in time for the memorial as we wanted to wait for her remains to return.  The memorial will be held on Jan. 26, 2001 at our police station.  Unfortunately the cause of Cao's death has not been explained as of yet.  We have to send away samples of tissue to a lab in Oklahoma for further testing. If we get an explanation we make sure to let you know.  Thank you for everything, your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.
Thank you Keith
Police dog dies of unknown causes
Autopsy could pinpoint reason for Cao's death.
BY SUSAN ERLER Times Staff Writer 

CROWN POINT - Cao never got the attention of her more famous counterpart, Udo, but the 4-year-old German shepherd didn't lack for heart and courage, her police department co-workers said. The three year department veteran died early Thursday after suffering a seizure, the dog's handler, Officer Keith Stevens said. The dog had been on the job with Stevens Wednesday night and seemed normal just before she died, Stevens said.  "She was just laying where she normally lays. She got up and collapsed and she was gone," Stevens said. An autopsy performed Thursday at the Purdue University Animal Hospital could help determine whether the dog ingested poison, he said.  "With it being a police dog, we have to make sure it's not somebody throwing something over the fence," Stevens said. Cao, an American bred shepherd, was trained to sniff out drugs and track missing people.  She'd spent her whole career with the Crown Point department and during that time helped take a total of 140 pounds of marijuana off the street and locate suspects in several burglaries and a battery case, Stevens said.  On occasion, she'd been loaned to federal, state and county law enforcement agencies to help solve crimes. "She did a lot of good work for a lot of people," Stevens said.  Like the rest of the department, Cao had been awarded a police badge, Stevens said. "They are members of the department just like everybody else," he said. Cao's death leaves the department with two police dogs, Udo, owned and handled by Officer Charles Sprague, and Enzo, Stevens' newest dog. Udo and Sprague got nationwide attention last year when the pair were nearly separated after Sprague left his former department to work in Crown Point.  An outpouring of sympathy for the close bond between police dogs and their handlers resulted in Crown Point city officials agreeing to buy the dog from its former owners and grant ownership to Sprague for life. Stevens said Thursday that he understands that bond only too well after losing a dog he described as attentive, loving and playful.  "That's why she was so good at narcotics detection," he said. "Her reward afterward was to get to play.  "You never realize how much you love the dog because they're always there. When something like this happens you're just floored, especially the way it happened," Stevens said. "A 4-year-old healthy dog. It's just unbelievable." Results of the autopsy are not expected for several days. Susan Erler can be reached at or (219) 662-5331. 

Photo provided to The Times - Crown Point, IN
cards mailed by FAST Co. 1/13/01 Priority

In Loving Memory of
August 1, 1988 - Oct. 24, 2000
Partner:  Officer Daniel Smith
& Officer Kevin Retzer

Born in Germany - August 1, 1988.
Arrived - Cheektowaga July 1991.
Cheektowaga Police Dept. NY

"He was the best partner that I ever had."
     quoted Daniel Smith, K-9 Officer,
  Cheektowaga Police Department,

Gringo's memorial service Jan. 26, 2001

Area K-9 units were on hand for ceremony 
to honor fallen police dog,
Gring von Wernbert-Koblitz Schulz Hund,
who served 6 years with the force.

From left: Amherst Police Officer Dave Starke & RAZOR, K-9 Training Assis. Kevin Retzer & Gringo’s daughter, ROSE, Niagara Frontier Trans. Auth.Officer Kevin Koscielniak & CODY, West Seneca Police Officer Bart Adams and MAX, Orchard Park Police Officer Bob Schultz, Erie County Sheriff Butch Hudson and LARS, Town Chief of Police Bruce D. Chamberlin.

We personally want to thank Officers Dan Smith,
Kevin Retzer & Capt. Chamberlin, from the notification 
of the loss of Gringo, from sending photos
& information, to the unexpected, 
surprise token gift from
the department. Lulu & Bob

The Cheektowaga Police Department regrets to announce the passing of retired K-9 dog, Gringo on October 24th, 2000. He was 12 years old. Gringo served over 6 years with the department. He was noted for his apprehension of criminals involved in drug activity in our town as well as his assistance to other agencies in Western New York. Gringo von Wernbert-Koblitz Schutlz Hund I (Gringo for short) started his career in law enforcement in June of 1991. He was a pure German Shepherd, raised and trained in Germany before he was imported to America. He received further training in drug detection at the Amsel Kennels owned by Owen Tober. Gringo earned the distinction of an internationally certified narcotics specialist, a ranking that is recognized anywhere in the United States as well as 40 countries around the world. He was the only police dog in New York State to pass the qualification test in 1992. Officer Daniel Smith and Gringo performed numerous K-9 demonstrations for community groups showcasing Gringo's skills at drug detection. They also participated in the advanced K-9 Patrol and Narcotics Dog Handler Seminar as guest instructors for drug dogs nationwide. Throughout his career, Gringo assisted in numerous arrests and recovered over five million dollars worth of narcotics. He will be greatly missed by his handler, Officer Daniel Smith as well as the officers of the Cheektowaga Police Department. Breton, the departments current dog, is carrying on the high standards set by his predecessor, Gringo.

      Gringo died  of old age, October 24, 2000. It took us some time to get a stone and plaque made for him.  He was cremated by our dog warden and one of our retired leutendant, who is a wood-worker, made a casket for him.  Gringo's handler was Police Officer Daniel Smith.  Gringo was special because not only was he a great drug dog. He apprehended a number of fleeing felons, but he also was great with people and kids.  Kids could climb all over him.  Memorial service for Gringo will be held on Friday, January 26, 2001, at 9 AM, in the front of our police station.  He will be buried near our police memorial in front of the station. We have a volunteer to play taps from a VFW post. The Chief and the Town Supervisor will say a few words along with myself.   Neighboring K-9s and officers will be present and file by the casket.  The prayer concluded the service, & poem, "The Time Has Come" The donation of cards from the F.A.S.T. Co. have Gringo's picture and Guardians Of The Night poem on the back. Police Dept. 3223 Union Road, Cheektowaga,  NY 14227

(Cheektowaga is a suburb of Buffalo, 
between Lake Huron & Lake Erie.)

 Officer Daniel Smith welcomed new partner, "Breston"
since Gringo retired.  Gringo was lucky to have 2 families. After retirement Gringo joined "Chew Toy", AKA; Kevin Retzer, and his family, & their two pets. He is missed by many.
Take care of Breston. Officer Dan Smith & K-9 BRESTON

Gringo is also dearly missed by Kevin Retzer and his family who were there to care for him at the end of his life. Gringo is the father of K-9 Rose, who is Kevin's K-9 Partner. Kevin wrote:
"I put Gringo to sleep. Gringo died in my arms after I realized he was living for me. He had multiply health problems. One of the meds he was taking for Arthritis became toxic in his system and shut his Liver down. He was in extreme pain. I made the decision I knew he wanted me to make. It was very hard to do, but it was the right thing to do. I was blessed in that I was able to say good bye before hand. I also let a lot of other people who loved him have the opportunity to say good bye. By the way he has a resting spot in front of the station." 
January 19, 2001
In Loving Memory of
K-9 "TAZZ" 
Partner Officer Mark Zimmerhanzel
Partner Sgt. Kenny Lemons

c/o Bastrop County Sheriff's Office
200 Jackson Street
Bastrop, Texas 78602
(512) 303-1080 Ext. 285
Mark Zimmerhanzel works for this agency, Bastrop County Texas is located to the southeast of Austin on state highway 71 about 25 miles.

Shawn Barnes
Communications Director 
Terminal Agency Coordinator
Bastrop County Sheriff's Office
200 Jackson St.
Bastrop, TX 78602
voice: (512)-303-1080 *368
Fax: (512)-321-0345


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