Memorials to Fallen K-9s
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In Loving Memory of
aka; Kolozsvar-Mellecki-Jazzy-Iozo
December 31, 2013

Handler: Officer John Doskocz
Cheektowaga Police Department, NY

Retired police K-9 Iozo loses battle with health conditions
BY: Kaitlin Fritz, Metro Source | December 31, 2013

Hearts became heavy in the Cheektowaga Police Department as the news of the passing of police K-9 Iozo spread.
The 11-year-old shepherd passed away on Dec. 18 after suffering from many health conditions, according
to his owner and partner Officer John Doskocz.  Iozo was born in Budapest, Hungary on July 6, 2002 with
 the birth name of Kolozsvar-Mellecki-Jazzy-Iozo.   He was brought to the United States in 2004
when he began his training to be part of the  Cheektowaga Police Department.

After extensive training, following New York State guidelines, Iozo became specialized in narcotics detection
and patrol functions that included criminal apprehension, building search, open area search, crowd control
and tracking capabilities. He was certified by the NYS Bureau of Municipal Police, Eastern Police Canine Association,
 North American Police Work Dog Association, and the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association.

Doskocz said that at one point, Iozo held more independent canine certifications than any canine team in
the Western New York Region. He even assisted other local and federal agencies with hundreds of
narcotics and criminal search operations.  After years of sniffing out narcotics, dealer money and helping put
 the criminals behind bars, Doskocz decided it was time for Iozo to retire. While he was a police dog at work,
 he was still a pet at home and Doskocz wanted what was best for his pet. Iozo retired in 2012.
“It was time to retire him,” said Doskocz. “Being eight or 9 years old is the time to start retiring a dog.
 I wanted to retire him relatively young so he could enjoy his retirement.”  Shortly before Iozo’s retirement,
 Doskocz began training with Wazi, who would work to take Iozo’s place in the field. Iozo and Wazi
 quickly became friends.

Off patrol, Iozo had become part of Doskocz’s family through the years. “He was more than just a dog.
 He was my partner. He was my friend. He was like a child,” said Doskocz.
Doskocz added that while retirement was a great time for Iozo to enjoy his family and home, health problems
 began to take a toll and he could tell his dog missed being in the field.  “Iozo started seeing he was no
longer going to work. It definitely took a toll on him,” he said. “He was always the type of dog that was
always excited when I put my uniform on. He would want to jump in the truck.”  Even down to his last
few weeks before his passing, Iozo would still get excited to go for rides in Doskocz’s truck, even when
that ride was to take him for a veterinary appointment, which there were many. Iozo’s vet said his
 health issues could’ve been from a number of things but that they weren’t from his time training or
serving on the police force. Doskocz said that, while Iozo was a police dog and was trained to work,
he was a great pet, a friendly dog and a great companion. “Iozo was a ham and a half,” he said.
 “He could go into a crowd of kids with them pulling his tail and pulling on his ears but there
 wasn’t a mean bone in his body.”  Iozo is already greatly missed by his family and the department.
 Doskocz said a memorial service might be planned for after the holidays.
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of
December 12, 2013

Handler: Officer Matthew Galante
Connecticut Police Department
New London, CT

New London police K-9 'Ike' dies
 Award winning police dog Ike, a German shepherd who partnered with city police Officer Matthew Galante
from 2004 to 2009, died unexpectedly on Thursday, according to police officials.  Ike had lived with the
 Galante family since his retirement.

While on the job, Galante and Ike pursued drug dealers through city streets and assisted other officers
 in traffic stops and arrests. The pair also helped find a suicidal woman in the woods of Norwich and a man
 armed with a knife who ran into the woods of Leary Park in Waterford.

“Ike wasn’t ‘just any’ police K9,” says a tribute to him on the New London Police Department’s Facebook page.
 “He was recognized as one of the elite police in the state.”   In 2008, Galante and Ike received
the Daniel Wasson Memorial K9 Award by the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association, which recognizes
 police K-9 teams that exemplify the highest tradition of police K-9 law enforcement.

Galante, who has been working as a detective since 2009, will be promoted to sergeant,
 Monday during a ceremony at City Hall.
By Karen Florin
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA


Handler: Detective Matt Galante  
New London Police Department
5 Governor Winthrop Blvd
New London, CT 06320
CPWDA is sad to announce the passing of K9 Ike this morning at the age of 9.5 who had an intestinal bleed.
He was the retired partner of Detective Matt Galante IV of the New London Police Department.
Detective Matt Galante and K9 Ike were members of the CPWDA for 2 years ( 2007 & 2008 )
They were the winners of the prestigious Daniel Wasson Memorial Canine Award in 2008. 
They were selected for  numerous successful tracks and apprehensions in New London and also neighboring towns.
 The team also located a suicidal person and may have saved the victim from ending his life.
Submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of
May 23, 2013

Handler:  Deputy Brandon Cox
Hernando County Sheriff's Office

From: Denise M. Moloney
Public Information Officer, 352-797-3609
Re: Sheriff Nienhuis Announces the Sudden Passing of K-9 Ike
It is with a heavy heart that Sheriff Al Nienhuis announces the sudden passing of "K-9 Ike."
On 05-23-13, while en-route to a call for service, K-9 Ike began to convulse and was in obvious distress.
His handler, Deputy Brandon Cox, immediately diverted to Animal Emergency of Hernando, Inc. on Deltona Blvd.
 in Spring Hill. K-9 Ike was diagnosed with a condition that required emergency surgery. Unfortunately,
 he did not survive the surgery.
K-9 Ike was 4 years old. Deputy Cox and K-9 Ike served the citizens of Hernando County as a K-9
team for three years. Please keep Deputy Brandon Cox, his family, our K-9 Unit and the entire Hernando
County Sheriff’s Office in your thoughts and prayers, as we mourn the loss of K-9 Ike.
A memorial service is being planned. Details will be provided at a later time.
submitted by Dawn Lehman, ret. dispatcher, New Castle Police Dept. Delaware & Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of

June 24, 2013
Handler: Officer Anthony Childress
Hanceville Police Department 
203 Bangor Ave
Alabama 35077 
Hanceville Police Officer Forced to Kill K-9 Partner After Being Attacked

A police officer was forced to shoot and kill his K-9 partner during a training exercise when the dog became agitated and attacked him on Monday. According to Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail, Officer Anthony Childress shot and killed the dog, named Itchabon, after the dog bit his leg then lunged at him and attacked his head. Childress was injured in the attack, but is expected to be released from the hospital today and is expected to make a full recovery. Childress was very close to Itchabon and is very upset about having to shoot him, according to Nail. Itchabon was 6 years old and had been with Hanceville police for about a year and a half. The city of Hanceville had invested about $5,000 in Itchabon. Mayor Nail said that because of the attack and expense associated, the city will no longer have a K-9 unit on staff.  submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA
on line with help from Frank Brunetti....

In Loving Memory of
June 1, 2013

Partner: Officer Chris Fenoglio
Tucson Police Department

Dog park renamed in honor of fallen police K-9

The dog park at Purple Heart Park in the Rita Ranch neighborhood is now named Ivan's Spot.  It's a permanent thank you to Ivan, a police dog who was killed on duty, his partner Officer Chris Fenoglio and family.  Ivan will be greeting dogs at the gate with his name, face and story.  Officer Chris Fenoglio lost Ivan while pursuing a carjacking suspect in December. "He saved my backside that night," said Officer Fenoglio in an April interview with News 4 Tucson.  Ivan charged the suspect and bit his arm.  The suspect then shot Ivan in the shoulder.  "It touched us all. Everyone was affected by it throughout the entire department," said Sgt. Brad Pelton with Tucson police.  The Tucson Police Officer's Association and the community decided to memorialize Ivan by renaming the dog park at Purple Heart Park in his honor. "It's very rare that we lose a dog in the line of duty. We've only had three ever in the history of our department, so it's just not something that happens often, and it's not often that you get the chance to set up a tribute and pay that kind of loss back," said Paul Sheldon, with the Tucson Police Officer's Association. Sgt. Pelton said these canines aren't just partners but family. "The bond is indescribable just like anybody else who has a pet. We get that normal bond, but we're with them so much. I see him more than I probably see the rest of my family," said Sgt. Pelton. And now everyone will see that. "They really are a part of our community," said Sgt. Pelton. Ivan's bravery and devotion will now be on display for everyone to see in the
 Rita Ranch Neighborhood. 
submitted by Jim Cortina, and Frank Brunetti