Memorials to Fallen K-9s 

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In Loving Memory of
April 11, 2012

Handler: Cpl. Sharpe
Montebello Police Department
1600 W. Beverly Blvd.
Montebello, CA 90640

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Group Raises Money for Montebello K9s

Funds were especially needed this year because one of the unit’s patrol and narcotics detection dogs,
Ozzy,  pictured, passed away suddenly earlier this month.

Montebello police officers’ furry partners received a bit of extra help last week from local citizens. A community group raised $1,500 for the Montebello Police Department’s K9 unit at a recent event held at Alondra Hot Wings. From noon until 9pm on April 25, purchases made at the restaurant went toward a fund for the police department’s K9 unit. The funds from the annual event – started last year by the Montebello Police K9 Association – will pay for veterinary bills, maintenance, training, and grooming of the K9 dogs. The funds are especially needed this year because one of the dogs, Ozzy, passed away suddenly on April 11.  

He and his handler Cpl. Steve Sharpe were on their way to training when Ozzy began breathing abnormally. Despite being taken straight to the vet, Ozzy’s condition worsened, and he died in his handler’s arms. Doctors say Ozzy succumbed to spontaneous pneumothorax – his lung collapsed. Ozzy began serving over four years ago and was seven years old when he died. During his service, he located 6 dangerous suspects, and caused another 17 suspects to surrender peacefully. His sharp sense of smell and searching abilities also led to the seizure of 4500 pounds of marijuana, 129 kilos of cocaine, 62 pounds of methamphetamine, and 2 pounds of heroin. 

Ozzy’s funeral costs exceed the department’s current budget, according to Gia Pacheco, the civilian association’s board secretary. His handler, Cpl. Sharpe, said he is unsure if the department will be able to purchase a replacement service dog. The association, formed in 2002 in the midst of a budget crisis, works to bring in donations from businesses and the community to defray the costs of maintaining the K9 unit. Montebello’s K9 unit normally consists of four dogs and their handlers. The dogs are trained to locate fleeing suspects, or hidden guns and narcotics. 

According to Cpl. Al Martinez, who handles Carson, a Labrador whose job is to detect guns, the K9 unit’s medical expenses are especially heavy because of the dog’s active lifestyle. “The police service dogs go through a lot when they’re in the field, a lot of jumping, a lot of activity, a lot of wear and tear,” said Martinez. The public can still make tax-deductible donations through the civilian association by calling Pacheco at (323) 726-1082. DIED 4/11/12 (spontaneous pneumothorax) Collapsed Lung
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In Loving Memory of
October 18, 2003 - February 17, 2012

Handler:  Officer Jude Garden
Amtrack Police Department

Members of the CPWDA from 2006 – 2009.
Sincere condolences....
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In Loving Memory of
April 2, 2012

Handler: Sergeant Michael Jordan 
Lubbock Police Department
916 Texas Avenue
Lubbock, Texas 79401
Lubbock police mourn loss of heroic K9

The Lubbock Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their very own. Onzo, a Dutch Shepard died on Monday at the age of 12. After his service, Onzo retired in 2010 and became part of Sergeant Michael Jordan's family. Sergeant Jordan said, "We had fun. No one in the world can say they had their best friend beside them every day." The Lubbock Police Department bought Onzo in 2004. He worked with Sergeant Jordan every day for seven years. By Adam Clemons - email

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In Loving Memory of


March 22, 2012

Handler: Sgt. Brian Glasser
New Milford Police Dept.
Box 419
New Milford CT06776
Chief Shawn M. Boyne
Phone 860-355-3133 - Fax 860-355-6012

Lasting memories for Sgt. Brian Glasser's family.

Onyx, a trained German shepherd who retired from service with the New Milford Police Department in December 2010, died March 22 at the age of 12 at the home of his handler, Glasser. 
"He had a great personality. He was like a friend," Glasser said last week.
"He was a great partner," he said. "I knew if I called on him, he would be right there.  I took him everywhere with me. My family loved him."

From November 2003, when then-Officer Glasser took over as Onyx's handler, the two became inseparable. The dog slept at Glasser's home, played with tennis balls and loved to ride in the car.
Onyx came from the Czech Republic and cost $5,000. He and Glasser took an eight-week class to learn to work together, led by then-Sgt. William Scribner.
"Onyx was a great police dog," said Scribner, now a lieutenant. "He served the town well for many, many years.
"He came to us through an international breeder with a lot of his training done in Germany, in the German language," Scribner said. "He finished his training with us."
Trained to smell out narcotics, Onyx also tracked criminals and missing people and could take down suspects on the run. He and Glasser worked with area police departments, the FBI and the DEA over the years.
Onyx was respected and loved in the New Milford community. In 2004, children and parents from the Almost Home Childcare & Preschool held a fundraiser and bought a made-to-order Kevlar vest for Onyx. Custom fit, it was designed to protect him from gunshots or stab wounds.
Along with his serious side, Onyx is remembered for having a heart full of love.
"He was a great dog," said Meryl Bennett, Brian Glasser's older sister. "He was full of life, full of love.
"He fit in well as a family dog," she said. "My stepson, Collin (now 11), absolutely adored Onyx. They would lie on the floor and play together. He will be missed."
At this time, the New Milford Police Department has one K9 Unit, a 3-year-old German shepherd named Kira and her handler, Officer Michael Lanfond.
The department anticipates adding a second dog in August, also from the Czech Republic.; 860-355-7322

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In Loving Memory of
February 24, 2012

Handler: Officer Vince Ramsour
Arlington Police Department
620 W. Division Street
Arlington, TX 76011

Retired Police Dog Dies - 6 year veteran police dog Oscar dies

Retired Arlington police service dog Oscar died in his sleep the night of February 24. Oscar was a member of Arlington Police Department's K-9 unit for six years where he worked with Officer Vince Ramsour. According to the Arlington Police Department, Oscar conducted hundreds of searches and apprehended several criminals during his career. Officer Ramsour, who adopted Oscar after the canine's retirement, said that Oscar served APD and the citizens of Arlington with dignity and pride. APD's K-9 unit said they wanted to thank the Citizens Police Academy who contributed to Oscar's purchase and making him a member of the team.
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