In Loving Memory of our
December - 12/12/12

Bella is on the right....(Leesy is on the left)

We rescued her Bella @ the Cape May County

shelter for our son, once we had her in the car... I couldn't part with her.
She was just SOOOOO Special and loved our Leesy.  She died of cancer... suddenly
had 3 big tumors. We didn't let her suffer.... WE had her for 6 short years of love.
We miss her terribly....
Bob & Lulu & Leesy

UPDATE:   p.s. We rescued "EVE" an English Pointer mix of 18 months,
She arrived in NJ 100 miles north of us originally came with a Georgia dog tag.
 She was relayed
by truckers to NJ.   She's a WHIP! and keeping Leesy very busy.

I suddenly am hiding items on top of dressers, etc.  She loves to chew...  She's insecure and scared....
example, TV remotes, shoes, etc.  She is getting better .. but needs to be
 She gets bored..         Hope she outgrows that 'habit.'  But... she's a KEEPER! 
Gives lotsa kisses, here's  hope she goes on point bird hunting...
and not chasing the bird.  (poor birds)... 
(lulu Krause)
update: she's right at home here now.. and you'd think she was born to be with us.
We all LOVE her....if you ever want a dog, think RESCUE ...  you will never regret it.
she stopped chewing and gives lotsa kisses......

In Loving Memory of
December 11, 2012

Handler: Officer Manny Espinoza
Alton Police Department
1700 E Broadway
Alton, IL 62002
Canine Officer Dies
The Alton Police Department is mourning the death of a member of it's family. Alton Police Canine Bach apparently suffered
 a rupture to a previously undiagnosed tumor on his spleen over the weekend. Bach had been with his handler, Alton Police
 K-9 Officer Manny Espinoza, for approximately 10 years. Exploratory surgery revealed several tumors on several organs,
 and he had to be put down. Captain Scott Waldrup says over the years, Bach has been very helpful in both drug
searches and the apprehension of uncooperative suspects. Waldrup says the department is now down to two canines,
and they will be looking at the budget to see if they can bring in a replacement. He says police dogs can be quite
expensive. The most the department has ever had at one time was four, allowing for one on each patrol shift.

Officer Espinoza and K-9 Bach
Alton Police Department

Officer Espinoza began his law enforcement career in the spring of 2000, when he hired on with the Alton Police Department.
hiring on PFC Espinoza has worked for the patrol division. In 2004, PFC Espinoza met his canine partner, K-9 Bach.
K-9 Bach, is a four year old German Sheppard. K-9 Bach is an import from the Czech Republic and has been a resident
of the United States since January 2004.

PFC Espinoza acquired K-9 Bach March of 2004. PFC Espinoza obtained K-9 Bach after testing many dogs with the
assistance of the Illinois State Police Canine Instructor. PFC Espinoza and K-9 Bach attended the Illinois
State Police Canine Academy, between March 2004 and May 2004, where PFC Espinoza was certified as
a Canine Handler. During the Illinois State Police Canine Academy PFC Espinoza trained K-9 Bach,
who was then certified as a full-service police dog.

PFC Espinoza and K-9 Bach have been working on the street together since the Canine Academy graduation,
May of 2004. Since working patrol, K-9 Bach has made several felony suspect apprehensions and/or has assisted
 in the apprehension of criminals because of his presence. Two felony apprehensions earned his handler
"Officer of the Month" awards. K-9 Bach's assistance in other apprehensions earned his handler
 several letters of commedations in 2005. 
K-9 Bach has located narcotics on several occasions, which otherwise
might have been missed by officers.

K-9 Bach has also been used to assist the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Metropolitan Enforcement
Group of Southwestern Illinois (M.E.G.S.I.), and the Illinois Parole and Probation Division, in "drug" sweeps,
 serving of felony warrants and parole compliance checks.  K-9 Bach has located evidence on several crime
 scenes, including firearms in several cases. K-9 Bach has also earned his handler several letters of
commendations after locating key evidence to several cases.

PFC Espinoza and K-9 Bach make up one of two Full Service Patrol K-9 Teams for the Alton Police Department.
The Alton Police Department also has an explosive detection dog. 

For further information on the City of Alton or the Alton Police Department check out: -

In Loving Memory of
December  2012

Handler:  Officer Mike Lafave
Grand Rapids Police Department


The Grand Rapids Police Department has lost it’s longest serving, and most successful, police dog. K-9 Bak succumbed to
 a fast-moving cancer of the spleen. He was 9 years old. Bak served the department over eight years and recently
 retired in September, according to a police press release. The dog was handled by Officer Mike Lafave and tracked
suspects anywhere. In one incident, a suspect wanted on a felony warrant ran from officers and climbed underground
 in a drain pipe access. Based upon K-9 Bak’s indication that the suspect was underground, excavating equipment
 had to be brought in to bring the suspect up.

Officers say K-9 Bak was an extraordinary tracking dog. Nationally, police dogs are successful about 3-5% of
the time they try to locate a suspect on a track. Despite working almost exclusively in an urban environment.
 K-9 Bak was successful on 36% of his tracks. K-9 Bak had 130 successful tracks during his tenure at GRPD.
 K-9 Bak was brought to Grand Rapids in 2004. Donations from Meijer’s, Milkbone, and the Grand Rapids Police
 Canine Unit Foundation assisted with his purchase. He was trained, along with two other dogs, by
 Officer Lafave and other members of the GRPD K-9 Unit.

The department says training the dogs in-house saved a significant amount of money and produced excellent results.
 GRPD says K-9 Bak was loved by many in the community. During an elementary school presentation, students noticed
that K-9 Bak wasn’t wearing a badge and asked why. Officer Lafave explained that the department did not
 provide them to the dogs. Unbeknownst to Officer Lafave, the children brought the issue up to their parents.
 This resulted in a school wide effort to raise money for a badge. The students had raised $100 for a K-9 badge.

The students came down to the police department and surprised Officer Lafave, along with K-9 Bak, with the
hard-earned badge. Officer Lafave described this as one of his favorite moments with K-9 Bak. Officers say
 K-9 Bak wore his badge with pride as he helped arrest some of the most violent criminals in town. The badge
 always provided a visible reminder of who K-9 Bak was working to protect. K-9 Bak also helped return
 Officer Lafave and the officers on Patrol Unit One home safely each night during his eight years at
 the department. K-9 Bak lived at home with Officer Lafave and his family. He was loved at home and was
 an integral part of the daily family life.

During his GRPD Career, K-9 Bak went on 1,277 calls. He tracked, searched for drugs, and cleared buildings
 for hidden suspects, among other tasks. He was responsible for the arrest of 149 suspects.
 K-9 Bak will be buried in a private ceremony at Noah’s Gardens, 2727 Orange Ave SE.
 His final resting place is alongside several other GRPD dogs in the “Valley of Heroes.”
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of
November 19, 2012

Handler: Officer Matt Hansen
Iowa City Police Dept.
410 E Washington St.
Iowa City, IA

Iowa City police K9 dies unexpectedly during training

The Dutch Shepard contracted a fatal case of bloat

K9 Becky died Monday.

The Iowa City Police Department’s 5-year-old K9 Becky died Monday of a severe case of bloat, a gastric condition in
 which the stomach swells with gas and fluid. The Dutch Shepard joined the department in 2009 and had been partnered
 until recently with Officer Matt Hansen. During her time with Hansen, Becky helped in numerous narcotics seizures and
apprehensions of criminal suspects, according to an Iowa City news release. In 2010, Hansen and Becky helped
 the Johnson County and Muscatine County sheriff’s offices track a driver who fled from the scene of a chase.

Becky and the officer tracked the driver for nearly five miles in single digit temperatures before they found him
and arrested him, according to Iowa City police. Hansen left the department in October and Becky was partnered
with Officer Brandon Faulkcon. They were together at Vohne Liche Kennels in Peru, Indiana when Becky
contracted a fatal case of bloat, which the department says is not uncommon in large breeds. The department
intends to find a replacement for Becky in the near future.
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of
July 28, 2012

(Need photo)

Montgomery Police Department
Montgomery, AL

The man convicted of robbery and of shooting Montgomery Police K-9 Officer Bodi received a 20-year sentence in
 Montgomery County Criminal Court today.  Circuit Court Judge Tracy McCooey sentenced Frank Raven, 20,
to 20 years in prison for first-degree robbery, 20 years
on first-degree criminal mischief, one-year for attempted killing of a police dog and one-year second-degree attempted assault.
Raven will serve the sentences at the same time.
He pleaded guilty to the charges last month.

“I am glad he accepted responsibility for what he did,” Montgomery Deputy District Attorney Scott Green said, following
 the hearing. “I am glad he got what he deserved.”
He said this was wasn’t a typical case for the Montgomery Police Department. They didn’t see Bodi as just a dog.
“The human handler today said he was his partner for five years,” Green said.
Also, he said don’t forget that in the robbery a woman had a gun held in her face.

Raven did apologize for his actions in open court.
According to previous reports, Raven exchanged fire with police minutes after committing armed robbery
 on Dec. 14, 2012 at a title loan business in the 3100 block of Atlanta Highway. 
K-9 Officer Bodi, an 11-year-old German shepherd, was attempting to apprehend the suspect when he was shot
multiple times. Bodi, pronounced “body,” engaged with Raven and did not retreat even when shot.
Bodi recovered, though he was blind in one eye, and was retired from service.
Sadly, though, Bodi died after a sudden illness on July 28.

Handler, Cpl. C.E. Tucker, by naming them Officers of the Year for 2011. Bodi also received a Purple Heart.
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA