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In Loving Memory of
K9 Deputy HONDO
  May 2009

Handler: Lt. Steve Birdsong
Flagler County Sheriff's Office

1001 Justice Lane
PH: 386 437-4116
Bunnell, FL 32110

Lt. Steve Birdsong with his partner ‘Hondo’ in a file photo. The K-9 Unit of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office is mounting a fund-raising campaign to replace a K-9 member who recently passed away after developing unexpected health problems. K-9 Hondo was partnered with Lt. Steve Birdsong when the five-year-old Belgian Malinois had to be put down May 1, 2009. The unexpected death has left the unit short and no funds had been budgeted for a replacement. The unit has partnered with the Palm Coast Car Wash at 13 Old Kings Road North to host a car wash  from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on June 26. A rain date of Friday, July 3 has been scheduled. "The community has been very supportive of this unit and we are hoping to see that support continue," said Lt. Birdsong.  Sheriff Donald W. Fleming said the agency felt the loss of Hondo. "It was a tremendous loss to our agency and to Lt. Birdsong," he said. More information on the fund raiser may be obtained by contacting Major Steve Clair, supervisor of the K-9 Unit, at (386) 437-4116.
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The Flagler County Sheriff’s office is mourning the death of K-9 Deputy Hondo. Flagler County Sheriff Donald W. Fleming says Deputy Hondo became a partner to Lt. Steve Birdsong in September of 2005 and was dual certified in narcotics detection and patrol. Hondo worked road patrol for three and a half years. Fleming says the five-year Belgian Malinois was put down May 1 after developing unexpected health problems. Deputy Hondo will be laid to rest in the K-9 Memorial Park at the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Operations Center.   submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of
 May 14, 2009

Deputy John Glassburner
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 303.660.7505

Farewell to Huka, canine officer

Dep. John Glassburner walks Huka through the halls of ThunderRidge one last time.
Glassburner and Huka were honored by students May 11.

Huka, pronounced like hookah, first roamed the halls of ThunderRidge high in 2002, looking for drugs. From there, he tried to find them in every high school in Douglas County, but found none. Huka did find a lost man suffering with Alzheimer’s for the Littleton Police Department. He helped find 100 pounds of marijuana in one hit. He’s assisted state, federal and local law enforcement in arrests and drug cases. Huka was suddenly retired in January from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office when a football sized mass was found in his chest.
Tests revealed the mass was cancer, and Huka was a bad candidate for surgery. His date with the euthanasia needle was set for May 9, but he got a reprieve. On May 11, the sheriff’s department honored K9 officer Huka and his second handler, Dep. John Glassburner, at ThunderRidge.
Dr. David Swieckowski, of Franktown Animal Clinic, was present should Huka start feeling ill. Huka was content with a tennis ball clamped in his jaws the entire afternoon.
Glassburner was told he needed to go to an administrative meeting. Instead, Huka, his first handler Tom Barrella, and a swarm of sheriff’s deputies and ThunderRidge students were on hand to honor Huka and his partner. “Fooled me,” Glassburner said in his quiet way. “It’s amazing what a dog can do,” Glassburner said. “What a good tool they are.” Students Dylan Nieto and Chris Stephens led the presentation. The freshman boys have also started working on a nonprofit organization to raise money for medical care for retired canines. Nieto has known Glassburner and Huka for four years.
Once the department retires the dogs, no funds are available for medical care. That means the minute the department retired Huka, right after the discovery of the mass, no more money could go to veterinary bills. Stephens and Nieto have their friends selling rubber bracelets supporting canine officers.


K-9 Huka is a 9 year old Dutch Shepherd.  Huka was born in the Nedetherlands on October 19, 1999.  In 2001 Wal-Mart in Parker, Colorado donated the funds to purchase Huka from Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana.  K-9 Huka is certified in patrol and narcotics in the State of Colorado and as well as the State of Utah.  K-9 Huka was involved with several units within the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to include S.W.A.T., S.O.R.T., S.D.U. and S.M.D.T.F. just to name a few.  K-9 Huka in his 6 year career has saved and protected numerous lives.  Huka was also involved in numerous arrests to include the arrest of a serial killer.  K-9 Huka also was responsible for getting numerous amounts of illegal drugs off the streets. 

    On January 8, 2009 Huka was diagnosed with a football size tumor in his chest.  Test revealed that the tumor was cancer and that Huka was a bad candidate for surgery.  K-9 Huka was medically retired that day and was given 2 months to live.  On May 14, 2009 K-9 Huka loss his battle with cancer.    
Notified by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA, 
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In Loving Memory of
April   2009

Handler: Officer Steven Areges
West Des Moines Police Department
250 Mills Civic Pkwy
West Des Moines, IA 50265
(515) 222-3320

Memorial for WDM police dog planned - April 3, 2009

A group affiliated with the West Des Moines Police Department seeks donations to build a bench to commemorate a former
 K-9 police dog named Hoek. The graduates of the department's citizen police academy still need about $425 for the project. They have already raised more than $975.  The bench will be installed along the city campus walking path, near City Hall or the library.
Donations can be made in person at the police department, 250 Mills Civic Parkway, or by mail to: West Des Moines Police Department; Attn: Lt. Jeff Miller; P.O. Box 54320; West Des Moines, IA 50265-0320.
For more information,
call Miller at 1 515 222-3389.

Bench memorializes Officer Hoek, West Des Moines' first police dog & Sgt. Steve Areges and Linda Stober sit on the bench dedicated to Hoek's memory.

Plaque memorial sponsored by West Des Moines Citizens Police Academy Alumni Group.

A group of citizen volunteers for the West Des Moines police department has raised about $1,500 to commemorate the city's first police dog, a German shepherd named Hoek who died last year. That effort guarantees that Officer Hoek's memory will live on, A bench bearing his name and badge number sits on the south side of the pond just east of City Hall, 4200 Mills Civic Parkway. "It'll always be here," said Linda Stober, past president of the department's Citizens Police Academy alumni group. "Rather than planning an event to remember him, this will be here forever."
Stober is among about 200 people who have graduated from the academy, which is offered each year by the department to foster a good relationship with residents. The academy offers an intimate look into police operations. Graduates often volunteer for police events, such as the open house last week or the Cops and Bobbers annual fishing event, and they occasionally raise money to help pay for special projects. Mary Connor, a former president of the alumni group, had the idea for the bench, and Stober put it into action.

The number of donations that poured into the department was heartening for Sgt. Steve Areges, who was Hoek's handler and later his owner. Hoek suffered from hearing loss in 2004 after being in service for about three years. He was replaced by K-9 Rony. "It shows that the community still remembers and cares," Areges said of the donations. Handlers are given the option to buy their dog from the city for $1, Lt. Jeff Miller said." This was our first canine, but I think overall, nationwide, it's probably a regular practice of canine officers to adopt their dogs after they're taken out of service," he said. It wasn't even a question for Areges, whose family cared for Hoek until he died. "We had a good five years with him. He was a member of the family," Areges said.
 "I'm glad his memory will live on." 
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of
March 30, 2009

Handler: Officer Baxter
Richland Hills Police Department
3200 Diana Dr.
Richland Hills, TX
Phone (817) 595-6612
website -

Richland Hills police K9 patrol dog Hiko euthanized Apr.1, 2009

Richland Hills police this week were forced to say goodbye to a member of their family. The department's specially trained K9 patrol dog, Hiko, was euthanized on Monday after a year-long battle with spinal complications, police spokesman Detective Tye Bell said in an emailed statement. Police say Hiko's quality of life had diminished rapidly in recent days, leading them to make the decision all animal lovers dread. "Hiko was thought of as part of the family by those who worked and cared for him," Bell said. "Richland Hills Police Department is very appreciative of those in the community who donated, assisting with the medical expenses of this special dog."
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

RICHLAND HILLS -- A popular retired police dog who received donations of more than $10,000 to cover expenses for medical problems has been euthanized, police said Tuesday.  Hiko, a 10-year-old Belgian Sheepdog, was put down on Monday on the recommendation of the Richland Hills Police Department veterinary staff.  For two years, Hiko had been suffering from a spinal cord infection and vertebrae problems. In 2007, about 200 residents donated more than $10,000 to save his life from the infection after Richland Hills’ funds for his care had been depleted. The money sent from donors around the North Texas region covered his treatments and surgery.
Last year, the police department sent out personalized thank-you cards, signed with a paw print of Hiko.  Hiko had joined the department in 2005 as a tracker and a drug detection dog. He teamed with officer Jason Baxter, and the pair was inseparable, on and off duty.  "He depends on me as I depend on him," Baxter said in early 2006. Hiko weighed 110 pounds when he worked with Baxter and was somewhat unusual in that he was multi-talented. "Generally, he’s laid-back and calm," Baxter said. "But he's something else when he’s working."  
DOMINGO RAMIREZ JR., 817-390-7763


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