Memorials to Fallen K-9s
The F.A.S.T. Co. donates sets of memorial cards to all partners 
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In Loving Memory of

Handler: Sgt. Trooper Joseph E. Mosca
Florida Highway Patrol

Troop E

K9 Pedro began his career with the Florida Highway Patrol in June, 2005, assigned to Trooper Joseph E. Mosca, while stationed in  Troop E,  Miami. K9 Pedro's most significant seizure was the detection of four marijuana hydroponic labs in a single day. In November, 2006,  Trooper Mosca was promoted to Sergeant and reassigned. K9 Pedro was retired from active  service and subsequently died from health complications.

submitted by Bobby Earls

In Loving Memory of
 February 5, 2008

Handler: Patrolman Andy Yearley
Gallup Police Department
451 State Road 564
Gallup, New Mexico 87301
Ph: (505) 722-2002

Polly was a narcotics dog. Polly was about 9 years old
Polly was placed in service in December of 2000. Polly was a narcotics dog that was assigned to Patrolman Andy Yearley. We worked in the schools since I was assigned as a School Resource Officer. Polly loved walking the halls of the school and meeting people. It wasn’t too long before she became a favorite of everyone she came into contact with. The school employees treated her as a human and spoiled her. Polly did make a few small drug busts at the schools which put the kids on notice. About 6 months to a year later she was retired after  it was found out that she had hip problems and would no longer be able to perform her duties. When school employees’ found out that she was going to be retired they threw her a retirement party and gave her boxes of dog biscuits and many chew toys. Polly was also a favorite of the employees’ at the police department, where she was also spoiled. She always knew where the people were located that had treats for her and would go to their offices to get her treats. If they did not give them to her right away, she knew they were kept and would help herself. Polly was a very smart dog and knew how to count when you asked her. Polly was also an accomplished escape artist as she got out of her kennel many times. As the years went on Polly’s hip problems began to worsen. Polly still continued being happy and playful and a friend to all even though her hips bothered her.  Polly was also diagnosed with having seizures.  The day before her death she was diagnosed with arthritis in one of her hips. Polly was a great companion and made everyone’s day brighter when she was around. Polly will be greatly missed by all those who knew her. She will be greatly missed by me as she was liked a child to me. I know now that Polly is comfortable and is no longer in pain and is entertaining people where she is at now. I love you and will miss you Polly.
submitted by Det. Andy Yearley