Memorials to Fallen K-9s
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In Loving Memory of 
July 2, 2008
Handler: Officer Tom Dermody 
Matteson Police Department
20500 S Cicero Ave
Matteson, Illinois 60443

Matteson cops mourn death of police dog 
That's all teary-eyed Matteson police officer Tom Dermody could say, speaking from his cell phone Thursday on his way to pick up Lobo's ashes from a pet crematory in Lockport. Lobo, a 9-year-old German shepherd, was an eight-year veteran of the Matteson Police Department's canine unit. He died suddenly Wednesday after emergency surgery stemming from a flipped stomach. He was the only dog on the Matteson force, handled and cared for at work and also at home by Dermody, who lives in New Lenox. "Everybody's gonna miss him," Sgt. Michael Black said. "It's hard to lose an animal." Dermody said Lobo was a "whole different dog" at home. He was playful, fetching balls and toys in the back yard with Dermody's two young sons on a regular basis. He even had his own room in the basement that Dermody built for him. But, like the flip of a switch, when it was time for work, it was time for work. Playtime was over, Dermody said, and Lobo knew it."He just loved his job as a canine," Black said. Dermody said that in the morning, Lobo would sit by the squad car, anxiously awaiting a day's work fighting crime. Lobo did his job exceptionally well, too, Black said. Once during a police chase, Lobo was able to detain a suspect with a knife - saving that dangerous task from his human co-workers. Also, during an elaborate search involving other dogs, Lobo found an armed robber hiding under a porch in Country Club Hills. In 2004, Dermody and Lobo received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the North American Police Work Dog Association after making seven felony arrests in a two-and-a-half month period. "(Lobo and Dermody) have been a solid working team for a number of years," said Joliet police officer Bert Badertscher, president of the Illinois chapter of the association. Badertscher said bloat and other stomach emergencies are a common cause of death for many dogs, including but not limited to dogs that work as police officers. He said it's rare that police dogs are lost either in the line of duty or even while they are employed as cops, as most end up making it to retirement. But, he said, just a year and a half ago, a Countryside dog was lost in the line of duty - shot during a police chase. Black said there are plans to have a commemorative plaque of Lobo at the police station. Matteson's last dog, named Wanko (pronounced "bonko"), also was handled and cared for by Dermody. Wanko died in 2000. 
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA, photo submitted byM. Black

In Loving Memory of
May 27, 2008
Handler: Deputy J.P.Melton

Spokane County Sheriff's Office
Public Safety Building
1100 West Mallon
Spokane, WA
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In Loving Memory of
 February 24, 2008

Deputy Jason Allen
Hillsborough Sheriff's Department
  Sheriff's Operations Center
2008 E. 8th Ave
Tampa, FL  33605  District I
14102 N. 20th Street
Tampa, FL  33613  -  813-247-0600 
Phone: (813) 247-8000

Sheriff's K9 struck and killed after escaping from kennel
The Hillsborouigh County Sheriff's Office K9 German shepherd named Lobo was found  in the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 - just north of the Gibsonton Drive exit about 9:48 a.m.
A Hillsborough Sheriff's K9 was hit by a car and killed Sunday after it escaped from a kennel where it was being boarded, according to spokesman J.D. Callaway. Lobo, a 3-year-old German Shepherd, died on I-75 just north of Gibsonton Drive just before 10 am. Lobo was being boarded at the Boyette Animal Hospital while his handler, Deputy Jason Allen, was out of town. Callaway says Lobo somehow got out of the kennel, then jumped a 7-foot fence. Someone spotted the dog 4 a.m. near U.S. 301 and Boyette Road, and reported it to the authorities after seeing the Sheriff's badge around his neck. A wide search failed to turn up the animal. Lobo, a drug detention dog, had helped in the seizure of many narcotics, according to Sheriff's Office.  He had been a Sheriff's K9 for about a year and a half.
A Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office dog opened a door and climbed fences to escape a private boarding kennel before being hit by a car and killed this morning. The sheriff's office K9 German shepherd named Lobo was struck by a driver heading north on Interstate 75 just north of the Gibsonton Drive exit about 9:30 a.m. Lobo was staying at the Boyette Animal Hospital at 10931 Boyette Road while his handler, Deputy Jason Allen, was out of town. The dog traveled about two miles before being hit. Lobo "outsmarted" barriers designed to keep him in the kennel, said sheriff's Lt. Kyle Cockrean. The dog managed to open a door and scale several fences, including one 6 feet tall. The head of the department canine unit was surprised that Lobo was able to get out, Cockrean said. "Most people would probably tell you that can't be done by a dog," he said. A driver hit Lobo when the dog darted into the highway, Cockrean said. The driver was highly upset by the accident. He and other motorists stopped to help the dog but Lobo died on the scene. The investigation is being handled by the sheriff's office traffic homicide unit. By law, Lobo  was considered a law enforcement officer. Investigators also will return to question kennel workers who worked Saturday night to be sure all procedures were followed. The 3-year-old dog  was last seen about 5 a.m. near a CVS store at U.S. Highway 301 and Boyette Road, with a sheriff's office star hanging from his collar.  Members of the department's canine unit went to the kennel to verify the escaped dog belonged to the department. The department then started a large search for the missing dog. Lobo had been part of the department's canine section for nearly two years and specialized in drug detection. The dog helped the sheriff's office bust what investigators  said was a marijuana smuggling operation bringing pot to Florida from Arizona in a horse trailer. Lobo alerted deputies to the presence of marijuana in a U-haul truck where the marijuana had been moved. The sheriff's office recovered 900 pounds of marijuana at house north of Plant City on Feb. 17. Lobo's handler will have the dog cremated tomorrow. "That's the worst kind of call you can get as a canine handler," Cockrean said.
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA & Reported by: Chad Cookler   Email:

In Loving Memory of
January 25, 2008
Handler: Officer Dave Dubiel 
West Hartford Police Department
103 Raymond Road
West Hartford, CT 06107
Phone (860) 523-5203 FAX: (860) 523-2178 

It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of Retired Police Service Dog Luke of the West Hartford Police Department.  Luke was put to sleep last night after sudden complications from illnesses common with old age.  He would have been 13 years old in March.  For those that do not know, Luke was West Hartford PD's third K9 and served as my devoted and faithful partner with distinction from 1996-2005.  My appreciation and special thanks goes out to the many people that cared about Luke and our success as a team, helped and trained us along the way, and supported us through our successes and tribulations over the years - you know who you are - I will never forget.  Respectfully, Dave Dubiel - Sgt. David Dubiel and K-9 Luke were the winners of the prestigious Daniel Wasson Memorial K-9 Award in 2002.  
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA