An Edmonton police officer broke down while testifying at his former partner's disciplinary hearing on Tuesday.  Sgt. Rod Koshowski was recalling the events of July 27, 2006 when he and his partner Sgt. Bruce Edwards, along with Edwards' police dog Wizzard, were chasing an armed man on the southside.
Koshowski matter-of-factly described how the officers chased Kirk Steele who was carrying a steak knife as he ran from police to avoid being arrested on a parole violation.
But Koshowski's voice faltered when he recalled Steele plunging his knife repeatedly into the dog, eventually breaking down in tears as he described the large amount of blood spraying from Wizzard's chest.
Overcome with emotion, he told the hearing he had worked with the police dog for seven years.
Edwards shot Steele four times after the stabbing, leaving him on life support. Steele said he had already dropped his knife when he was shot.
Edwards now faces a disciplinary hearing, accused of using unnecessary force.
Koshowski told the hearing Tuesday, "I'm still convinced to this day" an officer "would have been stabbed if not for police dog Wizzard." 
Both Steele and the police dog eventually made full recoveries.
The hearing is expected to run two weeks.