Memorials to Fallen K-9s
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In Loving Memory of
Maascaille's Mad Mikki, FR1, UCD
FEMA Basic, Wilderness Prepared

Nov. 15, 1989 - July 8, 2005

Handler: Liz Marr
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After having a wonderful 15th birthday in November and a great winter without any sign of slowing down, Mikki started showing his age about a month ago.  He went from "sometimes" needing help to get up, to "always" needing help to  get up, to "can't get up" in the progress of four weeks.  Towards the end he just slept and would lift his head whenever I moved to see if there was something he was needed for.  Last night he looked at me like he was apologizing for not being able to do anything but lay there.  I told him it was OK, that I understood.  He didn't have to do anything for me, his job was done. I think that he understood because he rested well and even dreamed some and in the morning he was gone.    Mikki is the reason to adopt an older dog.  He came to me certified  FEMA Basic, and with a UKC CD, but this was his second career. His first career was as a police dog.  I got him at 8 years old with the blessing of our local Sheriff's Department to train him for Wilderness SAR.  I figured what a better way to learn than with a dog that already had a start at what I needed to know. FR-I, I learned more during his brief working career than I had in the previous years.  What little work I did with his protection skills, I could tell that by the time he  came to live with me he wasn't the greatest bite dog in the world, but he loved to use his nose.  I remember one time at a motorcycle rally that he kept sitting beside one motorcycle in particular and looking at me intensely like he expected a reward. It was a different reaction than he had for the motorcycles that had stuffed toys.  Without knowing or asking I knew what it was he had found.
When I first got him, he loved to rip apart stuffed toys and the first house cat he saw he thought was a stuffed toy.  I was able to rescue the cat without  major damage and Mikki wore a muzzle while loose in the house for the first month he lived with me.  His first reaction to the horse was similar. He went after the horse and tried a full-mouth bite square in the middle of the horse's rear.  The horse wasn't impressed and the muzzle went on again.  After the horse realized that Mikki couldn't bite him, he proceeded to give Mikki a basic lesson in "leave me alone" which Mikki learned well. I never had problems with cats, horses, or other stock after that first month. 
Cats and horses aside, Mikki learned his own style of wilderness area search.  He never ranged far, but he did a great job of covering and could be trusted. I  never did teach him a re-find, but found that because he didn't travel far I was  able to hear his bark indication that he learned for USAR for a find. He taught  be so much about intense drives and what it means to searching, I wish I  could have seen him when he was young.  He was so happy to be with me when we rode in the truck that he would sit  directly behind me and drop his slobbery tennis ball on my shoulder in such a way that it would roll down my front and often onto the floor and down by my feet. Then he would expect me to toss it back over my should for him to catch and start the whole routine again.  Up until a few weeks ago Mikki was still  sleeping with a ball in his mouth, and preferred them best if they had been  sitting in the water dish for long enough for the water to fill in through the holes he'd created in it.  Although Mikki came to me late, I loved him as much as any dog I have raised from a puppy. I would take another "retired" Malinois in an instant if I could.  Rest well my friend, you've earned it.
Maascaille's Mad Mikki, FR1, UCD
FEMA Basic, Wilderness Prepared
(Nov. 15, 1989 -July 8, 2005 )  

submitted by  Anne  - Lowatchie

In Loving Memory of
June 21, 2005

Handler: Deputy Sheriff Charlie Funk
Vigo County Sheriff's Office
201 Cherry St.

Terre Haute, IN  47807

Drug dog dies from heat exhaustion - By Sue Loughlin Tribune-Star

A Vigo County Sheriff's Department drug dog died accidentally from heat exhaustion Tuesday afternoon when the air conditioning in a Sheriff's Department vehicle quit working.  The dog, Mika, was about 5 years old, said Chief Deputy Jake Compton. Mika's handler was deputy sheriff Charlie Funk.  "He [Funk] is devastated over it," Compton said. "He lost his partner and best friend."  The Sheriff's Department investigated and determined the dog's death was an accident and no disciplinary action is warranted, Compton said. 
Mika died in Funk's Sheriff's Department Trailblazer when Freon leaked out of the air conditioner. A certified auto mechanic inspected the vehicle and found that a tiny hole caused the leak.  Mika was the department's only drug dog. Shortly after noon Tuesday, Funk was on Indiana 46 near Riley to assist a stranded motorist; he found a vehicle but no motorist.  Funk stopped at a restaurant on Indiana 46 thinking the motorist might have gone there for assistance. While he was there, a man accidentally backed his vehicle into the front of Funk's Trailblazer, doing minor damage to the police vehicle. Funk realized the man appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or having medical difficulties, and another deputy worked the accident because Funk had been involved.  The man was taken to the Regional Hospital emergency room and was combative, Compton said. Funk also went inside the hospital but left the air conditioning on and windows up because Mika was in the vehicle. Funk and the other deputy came out several times but never noticed anything wrong with Mika.  Funk didn't realize there was a problem until around 3:15 p.m. when he noticed something was wrong with the dog, which was unresponsive. Funk took Mika to a veterinarian, who said Mika likely died from heat exhaustion.  At some point that afternoon, the air conditioning had quit working. It was still blowing, but the Freon had escaped. The air conditioning malfunction was not caused by the accident, Compton said.  The department has had Mika for several years. Mika's death "is pretty devastating to our department," Compton said.
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In Loving Memory of
May 1, 2005

Handler: Sgt. Richard M. Riley

Essex County Sheriff's Dept.
20 Manning Avenue
 Middleton, MA 01949

978 750-1900

Date: Monday, February 27, 2006 7:36:14 PM   
I wanted to let you know that K-9 Marcus, my drug labrador, died on may 1, 2005 after a problem with kidney failure. I have little photo documentation of him other than photos from WOKQ radio in New Hampshire and from a lady in Newburyport, Mass. who took photos of us at the Working Dog Foundation Open house back in 2004. I am an assistant trainer with the wdf and can blame all of Marcus' finds, personality traits and hysterical antics on all the people that helped him be the dog that he was. Every trait that was Marcus was brought about by the contributions of my trainers, co-workers and friends. He was truly a one of a kind friend and L.E. drug dog. Thank you to all who made him what he was and to all the staff at The Emergency Clinic (Robin) in Portsmouth, N.H. who took such good care of him in his final days. It never gets any easier to say good bye to such a great friend and partner.  
submitted by Sgt. Richard M. Riley