Memorials to Fallen K-9s
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In Loving Memory of
1991 - 2004

Handler: Constable Jim Slater
Winnipeg, Canada
730 Pandora Ave. West
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2C N1
phone: 204 986-3864
Regrettably, Olaf had to be put down.  It was a very sad time for both me and my family.  He had been a part of our
life for 13.5 years. About 2 weeks before I had to take him in, he slowed down on his nightly walk for the first time since we have been a team. He gradually slowed, walking a shorter distance each night until, one day he just walked to the end of the driveway and lay down.  With much prompting and physical effort, I was able to get him back on his feet.  His eyes just said he was finished and could not go on anymore.  I fed him that night, and brushed him, and sat
with him for some time.  Then I went into the house and figured he would die in his sleep. He didn't.  I took him into the vet the next day.  It was very difficult but there was no choice.   I owe him everything and if not for him there would be no K9 Storm. He is missed by all.
Thank you for all that you do for working dogs.

Dedicated to the memory of Winnipeg Police Service Dog, Olaf, whose work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
 was the inspiration for the K9 Storm Tactical Body Armor. What began as the need to protect PSD Olaf in his
dangerous ERT calls has grown into a company that is providing world class force protection equipment for  working dogs in 11 countries. Olaf's natural police ability, his high level of training, his love of the chase, and his determination made him an excellent police dog and a well loved partner who will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

(by Mike McIntyer)
Winnipeg police Const. Jim Slater steps on the gas, rapidly increasing his speed in an Elmwood back lane to get a
look at a suspicious vehicle ahead. In the back of the police van, his resting partner suddenly springs into action.  Olaf, an 85 pound German shepherd begins pacing and panting. His tongue lolls from hs mouth, and he barks loudly while running in circles. The dog has gone through this routine enough to know it's a good news for him and bad news for anyone who thinks they can out run him.  Nearly 250 people have learned this first hand, some more up close and personal than they may have liked.  Slater and Olaf also bear a few battles scars of their 8 year partnership, which sadly is coming to an end.  On Wednesday the respected dog will work their final shift to make way for a fresh new past on the police service's highly successful canine unit of which they are the longest serving members.  Slater expects it to be an emotional farewell to a job he loves and a partner he admires. Olaf will continue to live with
the Slatter's family as a 'pet.'  I would trust this dog with my life. There's nothing we haven't been through together. I've never had to protect him. He's always protected me. Slater said during a recent ride along with the free Press.  Slater isn't telling the complete truth. During the infamous Headingley Riot in 1995, he and Olaf were on the front liners of a joint Winnipeg police RCMP effort to restore order inside the burning jail. Olaf leading the way as always, stepped in a large pool of water into which a live wire had fallen after ripped from the ceiling. He just started screaming like crazy.  He was being electrocuted. Slater said.