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In Loving Memory of
January, 19, 2003
Partner: Capt. Officer Bob Mitchell
Frankfort Police Department
Cayton County Sheriff Department
301 E. Walnut St. -  Frankfort, IN 46041

K-9 Quandi dead at 13   (84 doggy years)  Dan Shaw, Staff Writer 765-659-4622, ext. 434 - Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Every dog might have his day, but few are remembered for the service he gave to an entire community. Former Frankfort Police officer Bob Mitchell, owner of the recently deceased K-9, Quandi, says his dog’s passing away should not go unnoticed. He tells a story in which Quandi once found the suspect of an armed robbery at Village Pantry, 559 Delphi Avenue. Mitchell said Quandi tracked the scent for five blocks, leading police to the robber’s apartment. When the suspect answered the door, he still wore the shoe polish used to disguise his face in the robbery only moments before, Mitchell said. “He was a good tracking dog” Mitchell said. “That was pretty impressive — even for people who spend a lot of time with K-9s.” Quandi, a Dutch-bred German shepherd, served on the Frankfort Police Department 1992-99. During his career, Quandi had 73 apprehensions and made more than 100 appearances at schools and other civic events. He was involved in many police functions, including the tracking of suspects and sniffing out narcotics.
Mitchell said Quandi helped confiscate more than 350 pounds of marijuana during his career. Less than a month from his 13th birthday, Quandi died on Jan. 19. The night before the dog’s death, Mitchell said he had played ball with Quandi. “The next morning he was acting really weird, really shaky on his feet. And then he laid down and went to sleep,” said Mitchell. “But he had been very healthy and active up to the end.” Mitchell, who served the Frankfort Police Department for 15 years, retired in 2000. During that time he trained Quandi to perform the work of a K-9.  Mitchell said that process entailed 700 hours of training the first year and at least two hours a day after. “It’s hard to explain the bond created between a K-9 handler and his dog,” said Mitchell. “They actually become part of your family.” Mitchell said he will cremate Quandi’s remains but has no plans to hold a special service. Frankfort Police Officer Jeff Matthews said Frankfort has never gotten a replacement K-9 for Quandi because of the expense of buying a dog and training it.
Officer Mitchell is now with the Westfield Police Dept.7535 Dartown Rd., Westfield, IN 46074 - WESTFIELD POLICE DEPT


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