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In Loving Memory of 
K-9 ASK0
May 19, 1981
(Memorialized Oct. 5, 2002)

Partner: Officer Ken Kramerman
Now Lt. K. Kramerman
Redding Police Dept. CA
1313 California Street - Redding, CA 96001
530 - 225-4289 - email police dept.
German Shepard
Male, 3 1/2-years-old
Redding P.D.

K-9 "ASKO" was a 3 1/2-year-old German Shepherd imported from Germany. He was a SCH I. He worked the street with his partner, Lt. Ken Kramerman, for a little over two years before his death. Asko was responsible for over 60 arrests and 25 justified street bites. He was the first and only dog killed in the line of duty for the Redding Police Department. On May 19, 1981 at approximately 0600 hrs Asko and his partner were called out from home to respond to the Shasta County Jail. There were five individuals that had escaped from the jail. The inmates were reported to be armed and were possibly on the roof of the jail. The roof of the jail has a three-foot wall surrounding the perimeter also on the roof were numerous air conditioning units and many other places the escapees could hide. Due to the fact the escapees were reported to be armed, and the fact the roof had a three-foot wall around the perimeter the officer elected to let Asko search the roof area off leash.As Asko began his search his ears and tail went up indicating he had picked up a scent. He made his way across the roof and followed the scent by jumping over the three-foot wall and falling three stories to his death. Apparently the escapees had made their way off the roof to the ground and the dog followed the scent.
End of Watch: May 19, 1981

cards mailed 10-8-02
received email from Ken full of memories of Asko 10/7/02
cards received 10/15/02 with great appreciation.
K-9 Redding police dog's name on memorial 
Memorial to honor fallen police dogs 
Alex Breitler - Record Searchlight 225-8344
October 05, 2002 2:23 a.m.
Asko's ears perked and his tail shot up. He'd caught the scent of five escaped inmates on the roof of the old Shasta County Jail. Eager as always to do his job, the German shepherd police dog followed his nose and leaped over a wall, unaware there was nothing but empty space on the other side. He fell three stories to his death. Two decades later, Asko the only Redding police dog killed in the line of duty will be among 19 dogs honored at a state K-9 memorial to be unveiled at noon Sunday at the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. "He was an exceptional dog," recalled Asko's handler, then-officer Ken Kramerman, now a lieutenant in the same department. "It was no different than losing a human partner for me." The memorial, named "Faithful Partner," includes a star-shaped pedestal with plaques listing the names of the dogs, and a statue of a German shepherd wearing collar and badge. Police dog teams from all over the state were expected to attend the ceremony. Each of the dogs' stories has a different ending, but all are tragic. One dog was stabbed by a rape suspect during a search. A second was shot while sniffing out a gunman in a park. A third was hit in the head with a pair of pliers by a car-theft suspect. Asko, 3 years old when he died, was imported from Germany and worked the streets with Kramerman for two years before his death. In that time he was credited with 60 arrests and 25 justified bites. He was both a cop dog and a family dog, living at Kramerman's home during the day and working with him at night. Most police dogs get a bit tired on the graveyard shift. Not Asko. He'd stay awake the whole time, his handler said. Even on Kramerman's days off the dog was raring to go. "He'd be at the door looking at me, wagging his tail, saying, 'Come on, let's go,' " Kramerman said. On May 19, 1981, Kramerman was called at home about 6 AM. He was asked to bring Asko and join in the search for the inmates, who were believed to be armed. The pair went to the roof, which was cluttered with air conditioning units and all sorts of hiding spots. A 3 foot high wall circled the perimeter. Kramerman gave Asko a search command and let him off his leash to follow the scent, figuring the wall would keep him safe. "He wasn't going to walk over and just fall off the edge," Kramerman said. But Asko in his enthusiasm jumped over the wall and fell to the ground. He died a short time later. Kramerman lost not only his work partner, but his family dog. "That was part of the job," he said. "It's something you don't think about. You know the risks." The Department of Justice earlier this year sent letters about the memorial to all law enforcement agencies to collect a list of dogs to be honored. Organizers of the memorial say there are 15,000 police dogs in the United States, including bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs. "They really enjoy what they do," Kramerman said. "People don't understand how valuable those dogs are. They do the work of basically hundreds of officers." Kramerman still thinks of Asko occasionally and has pictures of his canine friend.
"I lost a partner," he said. "That's what he was."
additional late entry
In Loving Memory of 
September 15, 1989

Partner: Officer Ken Kramerman
Redding Police Dept. CA
1313 California Street - Redding, CA 96001
530 - 225-4289 - email police dept.
Pax Von Langemark
August 23, 1977 - September 15, 1989

Pax  was  3 1/2 years old when he began his career with the Redding Police Department. He was a Sch III imported from Germany. He took the place of Asko who was killed in the line of duty. Pax worked the street as a patrol dog for 8 years until I was transferred to detectives. He was credited with numerous misdemeanor and felony arrests. He performed many K-9 demonstrations and was always a hit while visiting schools. He was an excellent patrol and family dog. Pax was laid to rest in 1989 after suffering from a degenerative spine disease.

Pax came after Asko and was the last
working K-9 Ken had at the P.D.
Now Lt. K. Kramerman

cards to be sent 10/9/02 recd. 10/15

In Loving Memory of 
September 19, 2002



Officer Frank Sorrentino retired his German shepherd, Danny, earlier this year. 
Danny serviced 4 years on patrol with him.
Danny died due to cancer.
He currently handles a Belgian Malinois 
named K-9 Iwan for patrol
and a black lab
 named K-9 Jake for drugs.

cards mailed 10/8/02
CD data to arrive reg mail..with appreciation...
In Loving Memory of 
October 3, 2002 

Kettering Police Dept.  OH
3600 Shroyer Road - Kettering, OH  45429
(937) 296-2555 - FAX  (937) 296-3219 
K-9 Logan served the department from 1994 to January 1997. After K-9 Officer Gary Colins was hurt, he left the unit and retired. No other information is available.
In Loving Memory of 
September 18, 2002

Partner: Officer Keith Bush
Tampa Police Dept. FL
One Police Center 411 N. Franklin Street Tampa, Florida 33602
(813) 276-3200 
K-9 Jourie died of heat stroke. He was three years old. He broke out of his protective kennel by chewingand ran around in the heat which caused the heat stroke. He was found by the side of the building by his handler, too late for help. He is sadly missed not only by Officer Bush, but the entire department. He was not working on the street very long, but long enough to have three street apprehensions. Officer Bush is now working with a German shepherd named FALCO.

In Loving Memory of 
January 10, 1992 
October 10, 2002

Partner: Dave Krumm
12760 N 39th Ave E.
Kellogg, IA 50135-9614

Ralph was one of ISAR's first certified dogs and he served us well for 9 years.  Ralph served ISAR and his community well, he was present at so many call outs and was never wrong.  When Ralph said someone was could rest assured he was right on the button.  Whether it was articles, drowning victims or lost people, Ralph was right. 
submitted by Shirley Hadenfeldt 
Perhaps it was because Dave and Ralph were together 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Dave gave Ralph numerous searches every day, because that was the game that made them both the happiest.  Ralph was responsible for ISAR's first live find.  He was the role model all tenured ISAR members strove to be like.  When Dave retired Ralph we all hoped he would change his mind and bring him back into active service. From the time he was a baby Ralph helped Dave do everything he did.  Even tearing up the old kitchen floor was not a problem for him, just stand back and let him work.  I also remember Dave working on the roof and by his side....even at that height was Ralph. (huge two story house)   The dedication Ralph held for Dave was astounding.  He would find anything from jewelry to grave sites.  How many handlers trust their partners enough to take their billfold containing a couple hundred dollars and throw it blindly into a field and ask them to find it.  Trusting them enough with that much cash?  No one else in our organization but Dave.  And yes, Ralph did not let him down. When I work k my dogs, my memories of Ralph often help me solve problems I am working on.  I feel sorry for future members of ISAR that never got to meet Ralph.  They are missing a great opportunity.  I will always remember Dave waltzing across a field puffing on a pipe and Ralph running ahead finding every time. I know through the years Ralph will continue to come to mind and I will smile, always hoping someday, I can earn the right to say, my partner and I are almost as good as Dave and Ralph were.  I will always recall Dave looking down at Ralph and Ralph looking back in admiration and Dave saying are you ready  "PUP". (even the age of 10...Dave ALWAYS called him "PUP")  Ralph left us all Oct 10 cradled in Dave's arms from cancer.  He fought a long and hard battle and now rests high on a hill overlooking the pond Dave and he fished in almost every day. It has been 5 months since ISAR lost Ralph and I still expect to see him when I go to ISAR functions.  I can still can not think of his powerful black figure running through the woods without tearing up.  I don't think I ever will get over him and he wasn't even my partner!
In Loving Memory of 
(Kaylar'sWind Song)
December 22, 1994 
October 22, 2002

Partner: Kathy Reed
704 Maple St. 
Grinnell, IA 50112

Windy was a gentle giant and just loved to be cuddled as most newfy's do.  Although she grew a lot larger then other ISAR newfs, she displayed a beautiful black and white coat that was unmistakable.  She was a beautiful dog.
Even with her great size she moved with grace and agility.  It was amazing.  She was the first Newfoundland I ever saw run.  I remember hiding for her in the woods in the winter and she would find me and lay on me.  She certainly kept me from getting cold!!  She was a certified canine with ISAR and served us well.  Windy's enemies were brooms and vacuum cleaners. Her friends were many, children, kittens, divers on the Linn County dive team, police officers and grieving families at Search Call-outs. She is fondly remembered by many people.

Windy and her handler went to a cadaver seminar and Windy found out that she LOVED cadaver scent.  Of course, Windy LOVED most of all to show her owner she had made a find, and this was accomplished by giving her a thump with both paws...(this was taught to her when she was a LITTLE Newfoundland, before she weighed more than her owner!)
One time when Windy was on a water search, a little old lady on the bank wanted to know why "that handler in the boat has a cow with her?" Windy was on a practice search once
whn she went hightailing it out of sight into a city building where the sand for the winter was piled up high. Windy scrabbled furiously up the huge pile of sand. Her handler shook her head in despair, thinking Windy was after a critter, since she knew the "victim" had not been hidden there. Suddenly from the top of the sand came a gruff voice..... "I was only tryin' to get some sleep...."  Windy had found her first and only homeless man.
submitted by Shirley Hadenfeldt 

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