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In Loving Memory of 
September 26, 2001
"Git Ander" is German for GET UNDER 
Handler: Sgt. John Gillespie 
Union County Sheriff 
10 Elizabethtown Plaza
 Elizabeth, NJ 07207 

Git Ander, World Trade Center Hero -  Killed In the line of duty. 
 After searching for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Center, Git Ander, a seven year old German Shepherd returned to duty as a police canine in Plainfield, New Jersey. Git Ander was a member of the Union County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit. According to an Associated Press report, on the night of September 26, 2001, Git Ander and his handler, Sergeant John Gillespie, arrived at the scene of a reported stolen car. The suspects fled on foot.  Sergeant Gillespie pursued the eighteen year old driver while Git Ander was ordered to chase after and apprehend the other passenger who was a twelve year old girl. Git Ander apprehended the passenger. Following the procedure the dog was trained to, he held onto the suspect by holding onto her leg. The dog had been trained not to release his hold on the suspect until his handler arrived on the scene and commanded him to do so. Minutes before his handler showed up, two other police officers arrived on the scene. Despite the fact that Git Ander wore a police badge on his collar, Officers Ronald Fusco and Craig Montgomery fatally shot the dog eleven times. Sgt. Gillespie arrived just as his dog was dying. Officers Ronald Fusco and Craig Montgomery later alleged that they thought the dog was a stray. Sheriff Froehlich of the Union County Sheriff's Department explained that the dog had been trained not to separate from the suspect until a command from his handler was given. Even in the face of repeated gunfire, the dog faithfully followed his handler's commands. "Unfortunately, Git gave his life doing what he was supposed to," said Sheriff Froehlich.  He added that, "He was our most popular dog because he was so easy to deal with. "The kids loved him because he was this big hairy thing they could throw their arms around and hug." The well known Union County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit has been highly commended and is well recognized. Git Ander and other canines from the unit arrived at the World Trade Center two hours after the attack on September 11, 2001. The heroism of Git Ander has gone unrecognized. Officers Ronald Fusco and Craig Montgomery looked at him as a stray and shot him to death while the dog was conducting official police duty. Git Ander, a heroic canine police officer was gunned down for following orders. He deserved respect from his fellow officers. Eleven shots within minutes is an uncalled-for for act of excessive, deadly force...even if the victim hadn't been a hero and was just a stray. The unharmed twelve year old suspect was later arrested. No charges had been filed against the two officers who shot Git Ander to death. Edward Santiago, Chief of Police of the Town of Plainfield, declined to comment on the two officers' actions. 
Senator John Lynch - Assemblyman Jerry Green 
Chief of Police, Town of Plainfield  Mayor of Plainfield Director of Public Safety, Plainfield 
Despite clear and convincing evidence, Union County prosecutor, Thomas V. Manahan did not file any charges whatsoever against Plainfield Officers Montgomery & Fusco who recklessly and needlessly shot to death Git Ander. Despite the attempts of the police and prosecutor's office to with hold from the public a police videotape which showed the incident, New 12, NJ, obtain a copy of it and extensively analyzed it. What was revealed on the videotape was even more shocking than previous reports of the shooting. Ns 12, NJ reported that Officers Montgomery and Fusco fired a total of 18 shots at Git Ander at point blank range. The 18 consecutive shots can be clearly heard on the videotape. In addition to Git Ander wearing his police badge, the Union County Canine Police Van which was clearly marked and visible was parked less than 10 ft. away from the spot where the officers gunned down Git Ander. Within seconds of the shooting, Sgt. John Gillespie arrived on the scene and attempted to talk to Officer Montgomery when he saw Git Ander on the ground dying. The videotape clearly showed Officer Montgomery lashing out and forcibly and physically knocking Sgt.. John Gillespie down to the ground. Even before the investigation had been concluded, prosecutor Manahan publicly defended these officers. Union county prosecutor Manahan closed the case and stated that the Plainfield police officers were justified in shooting Git Ander and he blamed Sgt. Gillespie for losing sight of his dog. Plainfield Public Safety Director, Michael Lattimore, told News 12 NJ that he was pleased that his officers had been exonerated and the Plainfield police chief, Edward Santiago, supported his officers' shooting of Git Ander. It is an outrage that Union county prosecutor did not file charges against these officers. It is equally appalling that Plainfield police chief, Edward Santiago and Public Safety Director Michael Lattimore condone their officers' conduct. Let all of these public officials know that you are outraged and demand justice. Offices of the Prosecutor of Union County 32 Rahway Ave. Elizabeth, NJ 07202 ph: 908 527.4500 fax:908.289.1267 
email Prosecutor Thomas V. Manahan
Officers kill police dog mistaken for vicious stray  Saturday, September 29, 2001   
PLAINFIELD -- A police dog that searched for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Center was shot to death by two Plainfield officers who mistook it for a vicious stray attacking a young suspect.  Git Ander, a 7 year old German shepherd that served with the Union County Sheriff's Office, was killed Wednesday when it turned on the officers, Ronald Fusco and Craig Montgomery.  The incident began around 7 p.m., when Git Ander's handler, Sgt. John Gillespie, and several other area officers were pursuing a car that had been reported stolen. When Gillespie saw some suspects bolt from the car, he chased after the driver while Git Ander -- who had a sheriff's badge on its collar -- went after and subdued a 12 year old girl, who ran in the opposite direction.  When they arrived a short time later, Fusco and Montgomery thought the dog was a stray and tried to pry it off the girl's leg. When the dog bit Fusco, the officers shot it 11 times. Gillespie, who had apprehended the driver, arrived on the scene as his dog was dying. Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich said the dog performed as it had been trained when it subdued the suspect. Froehlich said Git Ander turned on Fusco because he tried to separate the animal from the girl -- a command that can be given only by the handler.  No charges have been filed in the shooting, but it is under investigation by Union County Prosecutor Thomas V. Manahan because it involved police use of deadly force. Neither the girl nor the officers were seriously injured. The driver of the car, Brian Tinsley, 18, was charged with possession of a stolen car and eluding police. The girl and another passenger, a 17 year old male, were also arrested." 
World Trade Center Rescue Dog Shot and Killed Sunday, September 30, 2001 - USA 
PLAINFIELD, NJ -- An unfortunate case of mistaken identity has resulted in the death of one of New Jersey's finest rescuers.  "Git Ander", a seven year old German Shepherd who searched for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Center was shot to death by two Plainfield police officers who mistook him for a vicious stray. According to an AP report published in yesterday's North Jersey Record, the incident began around 7:00 PM Wednesday with several officers in pursuit of a car that had been reported stolen. Sgt. John Gillespie, the dog's handler, was among the first to arrive on the scene with Git Ander as suspects abandoned the car and fled on foot.  Sgt. Gillespie ran after the driver, 18 year old Brian Tinsley, while Git Ander chased after one of the passengers, a 12 year old girl. Sgt. Gillespie was able to apprehend the driver while his dog brought down the girl by clamping onto her leg. About that time, Officers Ronald Fusco and Craig Montgomery arrived on the scene and despite the police badge on Git Ander's collar mistook the dog for a stray. They tried to forcibly pry the dog from the girl's leg, and reportedly Fusco was bitten in the process. The officers then shot Git Ander 11 times, wounding the animal fatally. Sgt. Gillespie arrived just as his dog was dying. According to Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich, the police dog performed exactly as he had been trained in subduing the suspect.  Sheriff Froehlich explains that Git Ander turned on Fusco for trying to separate the dog from the girl. A command that can only be given by his partner, Sgt. Gillespie. The Record reports that no charges have been filed in the shooting, but it is under investigation by Union County Prosecutor Thomas V. Manahan because it involved police use of deadly force. Neither the girl nor the officers were seriously injured. The driver of the car was charged with possession of a stolen car and eluding police, while the 12 year old girl and a 17 year old male passenger were also arrested. The Union County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit, commanded by Sergeant John Gillespie and Sergeant Ronald Malcolm, is a special branch of the Search and Rescue Unit of Union County.  Since its inception in 1983, the K-9 unit has been commended for its expertise in searching for missing persons or fleeing felons, evidentiary searches of burglarized buildings and arson scenes, narcotics detection, bomb and weapons searches and crowd control. The unit is also involved in community relations work and gives demonstrations to schools.  
For More information call (908) 273-1608 or 527-6064. 
Worked at WTC, later killed in the line of duty. Thanks to Capt. B.  & Sgt. George Valladares for their help. 
Liberty Park, NJ  - September 23, 2002 
Memorial Walk in honor of K-9 Git Ander & K-9 Sirius 
By Sgt. Gillespie & K-9 Arno & Officer Lim & K-9 Sprig  
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Meet K-9 ARNO  - John's new partner
Arno was born, raised and trained for police work in the Netherlands. He was born on April 3, 1998 and was imported to the United States in June of 2001 by Northern Michigan K-9, a Police K-9 training school in Harrison, MI. This school is directed by Brian & Susan Gregory. I went there in November of 2002 for two weeks and trained with him prior to returning with Arno  to NJ...John 
A Perfect Match (Git would be proud) ..... lulu
The K-9 Unit performs various demonstrations for civic and school organizations. Please contact the K-9 unit for info: 908-273-1608. 

In Loving Memory of
 June 30, 2001

Handler: Officer Keith Wilke

Harris County
Houston TX Task Force

Posted on Saturday, June 30 @ 20:05:37 EDT   Harris County K-9 "GYPSY" passed away at 13 years of age,  after 10 years of dedicated service, leaving Houston, Texas Task Force  Officer Keith Wilke without a partner. "GYPSY" will be missed by the S. O. 
 and always remembered by Keith.