Memorials to Fallen K-9s
The F.A.S.T. Co. donates sets of memorial cards to all partners 
 I need your help to inform me of such losses.

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In Loving Memory of
K-9 Exe vom Baphomet
November 18, 2001

 Handler: Hartmut Haußer
Bavarian Village near Munich

Die Regenbogenbrücke 
Himmel und Erde werden durch eine Brücke verbunden. 
Wegen ihrer vielen Farben nennt man sie die  „Regenbogenbrücke“ 
Gleich auf der anderen Seite der Brücke liegt ein Land Da gibt es Täler, Hügel und Wiesen mit saftigem, grünen Gras.
Wenn ein geliebtes Haustier einmal sterben muß,
dann geht es in dieses Land. 
Hier gibt es immer Futter und Wasser
und immer schönes, warmes Frühlingswetter.
Hier werden die alten und schwachen Tiere wieder jung,
 diejenigen, welche mißhandelt wurden, werden wieder geheilt.
Alle Tiere spielen und springen den ganzen Tag zusammen.
Aber – es gibt auch etwas, was diese Tiere vermissen. 
Ihnen fehlt diese eine, ganz bestimmte Person, 
von der sie auf Erden geliebt wurden. 
Nun, jeden Tag spielen und springen die Tiere zusammen,
bis – ja bis Einst der Tag kommt, an dem eines der
Tiere plötzlich aufhört zu spielen und ganz aufmerksam nach oben schaut.  Es hat Dich gesehen. Wenn Du und Dein Tier dann aufeinandertrefft, 
nimmst Du es gan fest in Deine Arme und läßt es nicht mehr los. Wieder und wieder küßt es Dein Gesicht– wieder und wieder schaust
Du Deinem Tier in die vertrauten Augen. 
Schließlich überschreitet Ihr gemeinsam die Regenbogenbrücke 
Um von nun an nie mehr getrennt zu sein.
A long worse time has passed since we have heard from each other. There was the most horrific day of September 11, 2001. There was nothing in me which I could say or write because I don't find words for this evil day. Yesterday another beloved K-9 entered the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me on this very special day. Pia & Exe, the little black one from Gaby were fighting. Pia destroyed the arteria right at the right side at Exes' throat. There was nothing I could do . We tried to reanimate her with heart pressure and breething her in the nose, but after all, it was useless. She bled to death within a few Minutes. Gaby was with me when I put her to the last rest in my Garden. I honoured her with that very special trumpet solo that they play when heroes are burried. I do not know the name, but maybe you know what I mean and will tell me the title. Well, should close, cause tears are running over my face again.
Hartmut  - ( name is "TAPS" )
Previously - I live in a small upper Bavarian village near Munich. Finding your link, " Feelings" and reading them was one thing. Congratulations. There is no better way to tell about the loss of a beloved partner. I know this very well because I lost 4 beloved friends during the last twenty five years. All of them have been GSD. The last one was "Rex" and it was also the most worst loss. He died with his head on my chest while I was sleeping after nightshift. Pia is the Mother of both Aicka and Bax. Aicka is the half sister of Bax. They are out of the Kennel of Gaby Ramoser. All will find her under this address:

ALL IN THE FAMILY   Hartmut,  Bax, Pia, & Aika

In Loving Memory of 
K-9 "ENZO"
March 2001

Handler: Officer James Harlo, Ret.
Christian County Police Department
HOPKINSVILLE, KY 42240-2319. 

photo credits:  David Riley,  Editor 
Kentucky New Era 1618 E. Ninth Street Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240 270-887-3233
Police dog Enzo's death stirs career memories for handler 
Hopkinsville has lost a good and loyal public servant. Enzo, the city's first police dog, has died of complications of age and years of hard work, and many who knew this strong and intelligent animal will not forget him. But most of all, the man who was his handler and the one who loved him until the day he died has more memories, and it's that memory which is now helping him handle the death of his dog at age 12, old for a dog and especially for a working dog. Enzo came from Germany to Hopkinsville, and city police officer Jim Harlow became his handler when the dog was about 3 years old.  Both Harlow and Enzo retired in 1996, and the dog has made his home with Harlow since that time. "I built him about an acre chain link pen with an air conditioned dog house,'' Harlow said, "but he spent most of his time in the house with me.'' ‘'For about a year he was having trouble getting up and down. He'd been getting pain killers and cortisone shots, but it got so bad he couldn't get up at all. And his heart was almost gone, so he had to be put to sleep,'' an emotional Harlow told us this week. He and another retired policeman buried Enzo ‘'here in my yard on a hill under a tree, and we had a little ceremony,'' he said.  Now only Meeka remains to fill the empty place at the Harlow home. Meeka is Enzo's daughter, and Harlow said, ‘'I'm really worried about her. She's always been with him and doesn't understand where he is. She keeps looking for him, and she is grieving.  "I'm spending a lot of time with her, and I guess I've bought her about $20 worth of new toys, but still she grieves. I'll give her a few days, and if she doesn't do better, I guess I'll have to go out to the pound and get another dog for her to play with,'' he said. Among the many who have good memories of Enzo are some of the people at the New Era. Harlow used to occasionally bring the dog in to visit at the paper, and he would go around visiting with different ones. He especially liked the women and would lay his head in their lap to be petted, and with some he'd crawl in their lap to be loved and to love back. But when the visits were over, Harlow would open the front door, and the dog would almost fly through it and into the back seat of the police cruiser. He was instantly on duty again and ready to work. It was at that point that the loving nature switched instantly to police dog, and some of the people who had just petted him would touch the window of the car and be greeted with snarls and growls. ‘'He was such a good dog, he never really hurt anyone, but he did such a good job. Just his presence made such a difference,'' Harlow said. ‘'He took good care of me, and I've tried to take good care of him.'' ‘'Many people still remember him, and I have been constantly asked about how he is doing, so I guess I just won't go to town for a while, because it is so hard to tell people he's gone,'' the former officer said. Explaining that he had hundreds of letters from school children, Harlow said many still remember him from when he would take the animal to the schools for law enforcement demonstrations. ‘'Enzo touched a lot of people, he had an excellent record, he was a good dog, a great tracker, he found lost children, and he was my protector. He had a good life, and now I guess I'll just have to celebrate that life and live with good memories Enzo has left,'' Harlow said through his tears. 
In Loving Memory of 
December 21, 2001 
Handler: Officer Stephen Piersa 
City of Hartford Police Department  
50 Jennings Road   Hartford, CT  06120 
860 527-6300 
K-9 Elliott Retires 
After 5 years of dedicated and loyal service,Police K-9 Elliott retired due to recent problems with
a bad knee, forcing his retirement prior to his death.
This is Elliott. I was his partner for almost six years. I deeply regret to inform all that Elliott was put to rest today, the 21st of December 2001, after a brief illness. He was a gentle giant to all, except for those who turned up their noses to the law and sought to commit crimes against society and Elliott especially loved children, visiting schools, public events of all kinds and social visits to a children's hospital to make the sick mile, even if for a while. I was and still am very proud to have served alongside my trusted and faithful partner, Elliott, who not only protected me, but every single citizen, with every breath he gave. He will truly be missed by me and my loving family. Elliott's many memories will never fade from my heart. He will never be replaced. For thousands of years, we have bestowed title's, laurel's and praise upon the "warriors" that have protected our home lands. From ancient Rome, where the conquering General was proceeded into the Senate by flower girls covering their path with rose petals. To our Generals of today, that are given ticker tape parades as they return victorious from battle or conflict. As a nation, we tend to place the symbols of peace upon the head of the warrior, as we blindly turn our heads from the true peace makers of the world that walk among us every day. We look but never see those that protect and serve unless we become the victim. They ask for little, but give so much. It is said that a man have no greater love, than to give his life for another. So holds true for the police K-9. So here today, I attempt to honor and pay tribute to my hero, who has given us his service, through injuries and pain without complaint. 
A true champion!  
"I will always love you Elliott!!" 
Officer and friend, Stephen Piersa 

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