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First on the web...Sept. 2001 
F.A.S.T. Co. donates cards to all partners of all working dogs/horses 
PLEASE feel free to send condolences to Officer Lim.. 
Email from Dave.-.January 22, 2002 
Sirius was found. 
I recovered him yesterday, January 21st. He was in his kennel and from all accounts, was killed instantly. He received full Police Honors when his body was recovered. Everyone lined up and saluted Sirius as we left. All the great machines were silent as we led the procession to the Police Truck. I was given the American Flag that draped his body. I will cherish it always. I will probably get one of those triangle boxes to put it in. The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery has offered to do the cremation and burial of Sirius. Tough day, but at least I fulfilled the promise I made to him on September 11th, 2001.  
"He waited and I came back. " David  (out on a Lim) 
A Time For Closure 
Doctors would not allow Officer Lim to search  at "the pile" because of the emotional toll it could have taken on him.  
 But he kept tabs on the rescue effort, checking in periodically to ask whether  they had made it to the kennel area.  Finally last week, the call came: they had  found Sirius.  Investigators said that the dog had died instantly when the kennel collapsed. On Thursday, January 22, 2002, under full honors, complete with a prayer and a salute, the body of Sirius was removed from the wreckage. "There was a flag over his bag and I carried him out with another officer, John Martin," says Officer Lim. "Everyone saluted. All the machinery was stopped—the same thing that is done for human  
police officers and firefighters.  
Cop fulfills vow to dog killed in WTC  
Friday, January 25, 2002 
Staff Writer - THE RECORD 
Port Authority Police Officer David Lim's last words to his partner on Sept. 11 were: "You stay there. I'll be back for you." After four months, Lim can finally say he fulfilled his vow. Workers at Ground Zero on Tuesday recovered the remains of Sirius, a yellow Labrador retriever believed to be the only canine to die in the attack on the World Trade Center. "I've been waiting to find him," Lim said Thursday. "I fulfilled my promise to him because I came back and I took him home." The remains of the bomb detection dog were found beneath the debris of Tower Two, in the Port Authority's basement kennel. Lim left Sirius there and went to help with the rescue effort, but didn't make it back -- he became trapped himself, in Tower One, and wasn't pulled out until more than five hours later. Workers immediately called Lim to the scene Tuesday when they found Sirius. They carried out the remains with full honors, complete with a prayer and a salute. "There was a flag over his bag and I carried him out with another officer, John Martin," Lim said. "Everyone saluted. All the machinery was stopped -- the same thing that is done for human police officers and firefighters. I thought it was very nice." Lim, who was Sirius heralded for his rescue efforts that day, had placed in the kennel moments after the first plane hit Tower One. Then he rushed to help people down the staircase, shouting,  
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"Down is good."  
A 20 year veteran of the towers, Lim had climbed to the 44th floor of Tower One when Tower Two was hit. When  
he heard the call to evacuate, he made his way to the fifth floor, where he stopped to help carry a woman. "We got as far as the fourth floor and the building collapses on us," he said. "It was like an avalanche. We were just waiting there to die." Lim escaped to the sixth floor -- which eventually became the top of the rubble. He was finally rescued after 3 p.m. He had suffered a mild concussion, but no serious injuries. The Port Authority has listed 37 of its police officers as missing or dead as a result of the attack. Lim believes that number should be 38. Sirius, who was 4 years old, searched commercial vehicles coming into the trade center. He had worked with Lim since March 2000 and helped clear the way for visits by such VIPs as President Bill Clinton, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. "He was my partner," Lim said. "We got really attached to him. "I still step over the spot where he used to sleep in my room because I forget he's not there." Doctors would not allow Lim to search at Ground Zero because of the emotional toll it could have taken on him. But he has kept tabs on the rescue effort, checking in periodically to ask whether they had made it to the kennel area. In the first few months, rescuers had to build a road over it to get to another area. When they found his jacket recently, Lim knew they were getting close. Lim was training his new dog, a black Lab named Sprig, when he got the call from Ground Zero on Tuesday. He found consolation in the fact that his partner died instantly. It appeared that the kennel collapsed. Sirius' remains were cremated at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester County, N.Y. Lim collected the ashes Thursday and will keep them in an urn at home until April, when he plans to hold a memorial service. He hasn't yet determined where. "We expect hundreds of police dogs to come," he said. " It's going to be very big."
The Dogs of SAR  
I remember the day was clear 
And the scent was good 
I remembert the broken glass 
Yet doing what I could. 
I remember your command 
You said to Go and Seek 
And liste for a wary cry 
Although it may be weak 
I remember long days and nights 
No murmur did I hear 
I remember that awful smell 
You told me it was fear 
I could not find a living soul 
As I searched with paw and nose 
Yet above this desperate scene 
A new spirit rose. 
A year has passed, new heroes crowned 
My part a passing thought 
But I am proud for what I did  
No recognition sought. 
And who am I you may now ask 
Who came from near and far 
I am the one so aptly named 
A dog of SAR. 
--by Janis Dibert  (C)
AP Photo/Ron Frehm 
Westminster Salutes Search and Rescue Dogs  Feb. 11, 2002 
The Westminster Kennel Club and USA Network have united to donate $275,000 to the National Association for Search and Rescue to create the NASAR Canine Fund. On Feb. 11, exactly five months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, they will present $275,000 to Michael Tuttle, president of NASAR, during USA Network’s live coverage of the 126th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in the New York Madison Square Garden. Handlers and dogs representing the heroic search and rescue teams that worked at the World Trade Center and Pentagon will participate in the special salute on the opening evening of the Westminster show. 
All contributions donated to the fund, including the original donation of $275,000, will be used to train handlers and dogs across the country in the skills needed to respond in a crisis. Donations may be sent to the  
NASAR Canine Fund, 4500 Southgate Place, Suite 100, Chantilly, CA 20151
National Search & Rescue Organization 
February 11, 2002 
Search and Rescue Dogs Honored 
During a break at the Westminster Dog Show in NYC, 
SAR dogs from around the country were introduced with their handlers. The crowd of 10,000 cheered to the point of frightening the dogs and their partners along with the music from the NYPD marching band.  Some of the K-9s were returning to work at the WTC site after their appearance. One officer said, he would rather face gunmen than the crowd. Glenn Close was there to sing God Bless America." The last officer to be introduced was David Lim with his new partner, Sprig. 
To me, they were "BEST OF SHOW." 
One dog, Sirius, worked for the Port Authority, and was in his kennel when the tower collapsed. He was saluted posthumously at the dog show. David Lim, Port Authority Police: "People like to use that word 'closure.' In a sense, yes, I have some closure, I did fulfill a promise. The last thing I said to him was that I was going to bring him home, and I did do that." Lim says there will be a special memorial this Spring for Sirius. Meanwhile, he is busy training his new partner, Sprig. Rescue workers say that amid all the technology, there is still nothing more effective than a dog's sense of smell. Mind you, these rescue dogs may not be able to take a ribbon home from the Westminster Dog Show, but they were able to take home something that is hopefully just as good: Our gratitude. 
Dave's heart-filled quote:  
"I am probably one of the most known police officer in the country, at this time, but I'd give it all back to have my buddy, Sirius, at my side again." 
Officer Lim & Sprig were featured on 
Sunday Morning, CBS, 2/17/02, OSGOOD FILE  
Among the unsung heroes of 9/11 were the four-legged members of the canine rescue unit. These dogs had their day this past Monday, when they were lauded and applauded at the annual Westminster Kennel Club show. Also on several segments of CNN News.
Meet Officer K-9 SPRIG 
Sprig, Dave's new K-9 was officially introduced 2/11/02  
at the  9-11 ceremony@ the Westminster Dog Show. Sprig graduated 3/28/02 now a real K-9 & Sirius would be proud. 
 February 19, 2002  
 Port Authority Canine Unit, Officer David Lim & K-9 Sprig.  
Sprig is accepting the award on behalf of Sirius, Officer Lim’s former canine partner who died at Ground Zero. David Lim, Port Authority Officer: "He was my partner, my friend, I loved him very much. He slept right next to me on the floor, right next to my bed. I miss him." Sirius died when the World Trade Center's Tower Two collapsed. His partner, Port Authority Officer David Lim, was at Tower One trying to rescue people. Now his new dog, Sprig is receiving an honor on Sirius' behalf. Lim: "Replacement? It's a tough word. What do you say? He's got big paws to fill. That's what I say."  
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