Memorial to Sirius, Fallen K-9 
and Poems 
FIRST ON THE WEB September 2001 
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F.A.S.T. Co. donates cards to all partners of all L.E. & SAR working dogs/horses 
PLEASE feel free to send condolences to Officer Lim........
To have Officer Lim make an appearance to your place of interest: 
Write a formal request to:  
Superintendent  Charles DeRienzo  
Port Authority Police Dept.  
241 Eire Street  
Jersey City, NJ  07310  
Ph: 201.239.3575
Honors for Sirius & Officer Lim: 
Sirius or Dave had no idea how life would change, especially for the Lim's 
See follow up on all below. Go to page 4
.          POEMS written in honor of Sirius 
The day dawned clear, 
we left for work 
Above us just blue sky 
Who would have thought that shortly 
One of us would die... 
That first plane hit I rushed to help 
I knew that I'd be needed 
And when I said to stay and wait 
My words you gladly heeded... 
I did not make it back to you 
I knew your life was lost 
But I knew you'd understand 
Despite what it had cost... 
A better partner I could not find 
So selfless and so willing 
And when I watched you do your job 
I always found it thrilling... 
A service was set up for you 
By grateful "K-9" brothers 
Who knew you gave your life that day  
So that I may save others 
--by Janis Dibert (C) 
Dazzling sparkle in the distance 
Brightest star on earth 
closest to our hear 
you came and shared your light for such a little while 
Brought such brightness, gave such joy... 
Now you shine above and watch from distant skies 
As the guardian you were, as the guardian you are still 
Companion, guide, protector, friend 
Partner and pal on constant alert, 
Courageous and cautious 
Patient and obedient, 
Strong in spirit, gentle in design, 
Quick to defend, eager to follow, 
Discipline for actions, poised for careful command 
Sirius...Brillance in the night, 
Star of the first magnitude, 
Hero of the same 
Nine light years away, 
Held here in our hearts for eternity. 
Run free across the Rainbow Bridge and in green pastures, 
You have done your job well, friend! 
Susan Brozemec, Batavia, IL (C) 
 Sirius my faith full friend; 
I miss you very much! 
Not only were you my best friend 
You was my faithful partner too. 
I left you that September day 
I thought you would be safe 
I put you in your kennel not knowing of your fate. 
I told you stay and wait for me: 
I would be back for you that day: 
But the towers just came crashing in: 
I was trapped and had no way: 
There was dust and rubble all around. 
I simply couldn’t get to you. 
On September 22nd, I went running to the site. 
They said they found your body 
I came to bring you out. 
We carried you with honor 
My faith full friend and pal, 
they draped you with a flag, 
They saluted you with pride. 
I promised I'd come back for you 
I kept that promise to the end 
Sirius I miss you my faithful partner and my friend. 
Written by; Diane Huggins 
You have earned your wings  Rest In Peace - 
All poems are copyright
I remember the day was clear  
And the scent was good 
I remember the broken glass 
Yet doing what I could 
I remember your command 
You said to Go and Seek 
And listen for a weary cry 
Although it may be weak 
I remember long days and nights 
No murmur could I hear 
I remember that awful smell 
You told me it was fear 
I could not find a living soul 
As I searched with paw and nose 
Yet above this desperate scene 
A new spirit rose 
A year has past,new heroes crowned 
My part a passing thought 
But I am proud for what I did 
No recognition sought 
And who am I you may now ask 
Who came from near and far 
I am the one so aptly named 
A dog of SAR. 
--by Janis Dibert  (C) 
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