Memorials to Fallen K-9s
The F.A.S.T. Co. donates sets of memorial cards to all partners 
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Dept. addresses available for those who want to send condolences to officers. See below

In Loving Memory of

Handler: Trooper Brian Creech
Florida Highway Patrol
FL Turnpike-St. Lucie County

K9 Xavier served as a member of the Florida Highway Patrol Contraband Interdiction Program from December 1994 through December 1997. He was assigned to Trooper Brian Creech, stationed on the Florida Turnpike, in St. Lucie County. In May 1996, K9 Xavier and his handler graduated from the first Florida Highway Patrol K9 Patrol Dog School.
K9 Xavier was responsible for several fugitive arrests and seized thousands of dollars worth of U.S. Currency and illegal drugs. He also assisted the Drug Enforcement Administration, the United States Custom Service, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and other local agencies in drug and currency seizures. K9 Xavier's largest seizure was 1,274 pounds of marijuana concealed in a trailer of onions.
K9 Xavier passed away in 2000. 
submitted by Bobby Earls

In Loving Memory of
November 3,1998 - October 28,2000

Handler: Wim Verbeek
Politie Diest
BELGIUM (Belgian) Police Department 

Het gebed van de hond 
 Ho mijn meester, 
 Kies mij als vriend, 
 en ik zal van al je vrienden de trouwste zijn. 
 Geef mij een thuis, 
 en ik zal de beste bewaker zijn. 
 Geef mij een naam, 
 en ik wil nooit nog een andere. 
Geef mij een bevel, 
 en ik zal je gehoorzamen. 
 Geef mij voedsel, 
 en je zult nooit ontgoocheld zijn. 
 Geef mij een liefkozing, 
 en ik zal gelukkig zijn. 
 Geef mij uw affectie, 
 en ik zal je mijn leven geven

Xanthos (above as a puppy) was born on November 3, 1998.  He died on Octobre 28, 2000 because he had an obstruction in his stomach. Xanthos was in education of Drugs.  He did very well.  It's a great loss for our family because Xanthos was our family dog.  Max, our other dog, misses his friend too.  In Belgium we speak Dutch, French and German.  In this part of the country we speak Dutch. Wim, Hilde, Dries en Max       (Wim Verbeek)

"Max & Xanthos"

Cards printed in Dutch & English were air mailed to Wim. 

Thank you very much for putting Xanthos in the In Memoriam of K-9.  A lot of people already have visited the page. 
Today we bought a new German Shepherd. His name is Falco and he is 6 months old. We will certainly not forget about Xanthos, 
because no dog can replace him. Tomorrow I'm going with the dogs on a training camp for four days. 
My function is police officer in the
police department of Diest Belgium,  mostly I go on patrol with Max.