Memorials to Fallen K-9s 
The F.A.S.T. Co. donates sets of memorial cards to all partners 
 I need your help to inform me of such losses.

Dept. addresses available for those who want to send condolences to officers. See below

In Loving Memory of
October 20, 2000
Plymouth Township Police Department
700 Belvoir Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
K9 Tramp was struck and killed by a vehicle as he and his handler investigated an alarm call.
submitted by Jim Cortina, Dir. CPWDA

In loving Memory of

Constable Mike & Trooper
AKA. "Danny"
Vancouver Police Mounted Squad 

In Loving Memory of
April 7, 2000

Handler: Officer Gary Trumbley
Niceville Police Department
212 N. Partin Dr.
Niceville, FL  32578

Niceville Police Department lost their K-9 Teka on April 7, 2000. K-9 Teka had just located a small amount of marijuana in
 a vehicle on a traffic stop along SR20 in  Niceville. After finding
the marijuana, she was struck by a  passing van.
 The female driver slowed down, but never stopped.  Gary and another officer rushed Teka to the Emergency Vet Clinic.
 Another officer
tried to get the van to stop. Teka was dead before she got there.
 She had a hell of a nose and was our partner. We will not forget her. 

We had Teka cremated so we could keep her with us. When I went to pick up her ashes, the proprietor said, “I have someone for you to meet.”  There stood this huge chocolate lab who weighs 105 lb. My first reaction was “ Does he come with a saddle?” This beautiful dog was going to be put down that day because he bit the finger of a woman who was shaking her finger at him!” What a waste that would have been. Pat, my wife went to see “Buddy” (we kept his name)...and she fell in love with him. Buddy is doing K9 work and averages 2 apprehensions a night. We are also adding to our family, a black and tan German Shepherd puppy which I also will train. We are getting pick of the litter, so now Buddy will have a “buddy” to train and play.