Memorials to Fallen K-9s
The F.A.S.T. Co. donates sets of memorial cards to all partners 
 I need your help to inform me of such losses.

Dept. addresses available for those who want to send condolences to officers. See below
In Loving Memory of 
 Partner-Handler: Jerry of the LEBA  
Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association 
P.O. Box 471267 
Aurora, Colorado 80047-1267 
"Yogi" was born on September 18, 1989, and named "Fosgate's Fozzie Bear." When soon to be partner for life, Officer Jerry Nichols went to pick him out of the littler, he had every intention of naming him "Fred." That was soon thrown out by his son, Eric, who liked the name "Yogi" much better, sure fit him! As a team, Jerry & Yogi worked 476 cases for over 70 Federal, State & Local Agencies in 8 states. Due to their work, they have been instrumental in Appellate Court decisions in Colorado, regarding bloodhound evidence. During Yogi's last active manhunt, one Denver, CO officer was killed and another ambushed. Yogi passed over the "Rainbow Bridge in June, 1998 as a result of cancer. Only one week prior, he worked a homicide case. He was happy to be working. 
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