Memorials to Fallen K-9s
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In Loving Memory of 
August 8, 1998 
Sgt. Dave Molinet 
Evansville Indiana Police Department 
Special Operations Platoon - K-9 Unit 
15 New MLK Jr. Blvd. 
Evansville, IN  47708 
My K-9 partner Derrek was shot and killed by an armed subject wanted for Carjacking, Kidnapping, and Armed Robbery on August 8, 1998. K-9 Derrek tracked the subject for several blocks before locating him as he was hiding in an old work van. The suspect also shot at me during this confrontation and was convicted of Attempted Murder as well as the charges I have already listed. K-9 Derrek received numerous awards for this apprehension including the USPCA's 1998 National "Catch of the Year". The City of Evansville filed a lawsuit (which it won at trial) against the suspect for the cost of Derrek. The suspect was ordered to reimburse the city $100,000 for the loss of K-9 Derrek.  
There is a lot more to this story...............
On August 8th at approximately 2:30 AM, officers Brent Melton and Gerald Carter were attempting to stop a vehicle that they believ ed might contain a subject wanted on a drug dealing warrant. After a short pursuit the vehicle finally stopped and both passengers, a black male and female, fled on foot. The female was caught by the officers, but the male got away. Upon returning to the suspect vehicle with the female subspect, the officers heard voices and banging coming from the trunk. Upon opening the truck, officers found two hysterical, nude, females. The officers quickly found that the B/M suspect had carjacked this vehicle from the victims at gunpoint and had fired a shot through the side of the car window during the carjacking. The female suspect had driven the vehicle behind a feed store where the male suspect ordered the victims to hand him their money and jewelry and take their clothes off. The suspect then locked the nude females in the trunk. Just minutes later these officers had stopped the car.

Sgt. Molinet arrived and initiated a track with K-9 Deerrek for the B/M suspect with other officers setting up a perimeter. K-9 Derrek picked up the track southbound, between some houses, on the south alley, between some more houses, before turning eastbound on teh south side of Adams Street. K-9 Derrek continued tracking eastbound for about a block, crossing Garvin Street, and was turning back southbound between some houses when perimeter officers spotted the suspect run south across Monroe about three or four blocks further southeast of K-9 Derrik's location. A perimeter car transported Sgt. Molinet and K-9 Derrek to the spot wherfe the suspect was last seen. The perimeter officer did not know exactly where the suspect had crossed the street, but K-9 Derrek quickly picked up the track in the front yard of 631 Monroe. Officer Jeff Kingery followed the K-9 team from this point on. K-9 Derrek tracked south through the backyard of this house, crossed the alley, went wet for a short distance before shooting into the backyard of 632 Jackson. Officer Sawn Smith was standing in the middle of the backyard (about 10 ft. behind a large work van). K-9 Derrek ignored officer Smith and pulled right past him and jimped in the back door of the work van. Kkk-9 Derrek quickly worked his way to the front of the work van and lunged to his right. At that instant, Sgt. Molinet heard 4 or 5 gunshots and saw the muzzle flash from the suspects gun; the last shot had ben fired at him. After the second shot, Sgt. Molinet heard K-9 Derrek yelp one time. The work van had walls separating the front (passenger) compartment from the back compartment. The back compartment had large wooden shelves, from the top to the bottom, on either side. This left just a narrow isle leading to the passenger compartment of the van and it was full of trash and junk. All Sgt. Molinet could see of the passenger compartment was the middle console. With all of the clutter in the back of the van, Sgt. Molinet could not see K-9 Derrek or the suspect, who was hidden in the front passenger side. Sgt. Molinet immediately shouted
for the suspect to come out and show his hands.
The suspect did not comply so Sgt. Molinet began shouting for K-9 Derrek to return to him. Perimeter officers arrived and surrounded the van shouting orders to the suspect. Sgt. Molinet continued shouting for K-9 Derrek to return to him. After a few minutes, perimeter officers were able to remove the suspect from teh van. Sgt. Molinet immediately ran into the van and observed K-9 Derrek lying motionless on the floor of the van between the two seats. K-9 Derrek was rushed to a nearby 24 hour vet clinic where he was prounounced dead a few minutes later. K-9 Derrek had ben shot one time with a .38 cal. handgun. The bullet had shattered the right shoulder, ricocheted between 2 ribs, punctured a lung, entered the heart near the top and exited the heart near the bottom. The vet stated that K-9 Derrek had been dead in a matter of seconds. Officer Smith stated that he had been sitting on the perimeter when he heard the dogs next door start barking. He knew the suspect was running in his direction and figured that the dogs might have been barking at the suspect. He had went to this backyard and had heard a noise in or near the van. He was about to climb up into the van to investigate when K-9 Derrek arrived and jumped inot the van. Officer Smith stated that K-9 Derrek probably saved his life
that night.

The suspect was transported to Welborn Hospital where he was treated for various injuries, among them a dog bite to his left shin. He was transported to headquarters where he was booked for Attempted Murder (class A), two counts of Kidnapping (class A), two counts of Armed Robbery (class B), Carjacking (class B), Criminal Mischief (class D), and Battery of a police dog. On Tuesday, August 11, K-9 Derrek was given a funeral, with full honors, at the Evansville Canine Unit training grounds. Several hundred people attended including a large number of out of town K-9 units. Cpl. Tim Nussmeier and Lt. John Haller delivered the eulogy praising K-9 Derrek as a hero. Derrek was laid to rest in the Eveansville K-9 Cemetery directly behind Sgt. Molinet's first K-9 partner (K-9 Pit).
 He will be sorely missed.

Sgt. Dave Molinet

In Loving Memory of
  K-9 DANNY            K-9 ROSE  

K9 Danny, 1991 - March 1998. Officer Bruce Stewart
K9 Rose,  1991 - Jan. 2000. Officer John Zimmers Texas City Police Dept.

In the summer of 1991 the Texas City Police Department enacted the counties first K-9 Division. There were three handlers originally. They were Officer John Zimmers, Officer Bruce Stewart, and Officer Donald Halstead. 
Officer Zimmers' partner was a narcotic dog named Rose, Officer Stewart's partner was a patrol dog named Danny, Officer Halstead's partner was a patrol dog named Hondo. 
Officer Halstead resigned from the police department and his partner also left with him. In 1995 K-9 Rose retired from active duty with the K-9 Division. In 1996 Officer Cyr was assigned to the K-9 division. Officer Cyr's first partner was a patrol dog named Claus. A few years later, in 1997, K-9 Danny retired from active duty with the K-9 Division. In March of 1998, K-9 Danny had past away due to complications of his health. In February of 1999, K-9 Claus was retired due to an injury received due to years of service. In January of 2000, K-9 Rose past away due to  health complications. 
In the summer of 1991 the Texas City Police Department enacted the counties first K-9 Division.
There were three handlers originally. They also was Officer John.
K-9 Officer Brett Cyr of Texas City notified me about the above 2 K-9s. An update from Brett:  I'm doing great, life is great here. I am married to Debra, a K-9 handler from Webster P.D. K-9 Claus is back at work with me, he was brought out of retirement for some of his special skills that were needed  and he has been kicking booty.