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Louise Krause

lulu-1I have some sad news to pass on today.(11-29-16) I just received information of the passing of Louise Krause by her family and was deeply saddened when I heard the news. Louise who lived in Cape May, NJ, was a dear friend who I corresponded through Facebook, emails and phone over the years. She passed away today at the age of 82. I know many of the newer K9 handlers do not know her so I will fill you in on this lovely lady who cared so much about police K9 handlers and their K9’s. Louise was such a rare and special person. She was so special that no one would be able to find an unkind word to say about her. She was family to CPWDA and happy to say I introduced her to the K9 officers of CPWDA. She was a precious and special friend to all that knew her. Louise’s life was a gift – not only to her family, but to everyone who knew her. Louise often told me to stop by if I was in the area and she would open her home to me. Unfortunately I never made the trip to that area to meet Louise who became better known as Lulu to me and so many K9 handlers all over the world. Lulu helped CPWDA out long time ago and did at least 75 K9 tributes that I know of for our association and others for about 25 years. Not only did she do this for CPWDA but for all K9 handlers who lost a K9 in the U.S. but for also ones overseas. She always sent memorial cards FedEx overnight to make sure they arrived in time for the service so everyone would have a memorial card. Lulu did this out of her own pocket paying for ink, paper, laminations & shipping and never asked anything in return. If there was a police K9 that died near her area or surrounding state she and her husband Bob would make every effort to attend. She spoke so highly of CPWDA and our K9 officers and wore our CPWDA jacket which our members gave to her long time ago and proudly wore whenever she attended a K9 service. Lulu had published two books devoted to police officers and their K9’s. Her first book “Heroes All Without Question” and her second book titled “K9’s Are Human Too”. Many Officer’s and their K9’s from CPWDA were featured in her books. Lulu’s dedication and service to Law Enforcement, K9 officers and K9’s will be missed. Lulu will always be remembered as the kind of friend everyone hopes for, each of us wants, and one very seldom finds. The loss is felt not only by those who were fortunate to know her, but also for those who will never have that unique opportunity to have known her.

Lulu, even though these are sad times for your friends and family, they are truly thankful for every day, hour, minute that you were in their lives. Know that they will continue to think of you every day, whether it brings to them a smile of happiness from a fond memory, or a sorrowful tear. The legacy you left behind will live forever. Lulu, you are the Guardian Angel of K9’s everywhere…..here and above.

To her family, our love and thoughts are with you. May you find comfort and strength in knowing that others care; and may you find peace in cherished memories. We share deeply in your loss, and we will never forget her.

With love and sincere sympathy,
James Cortina & CPWDA