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My name is Gail Heller, and I’m the founder of Chance’s Spot, a nonprofit organization that supports anyone who is struggling with the death of a pet. Because law enforcement has K9 officers who are sometimes killed in the line of duty, I wanted to share information about an upcoming event.

Chance’s Spot will be presenting our yearly fundraiser, Honoring the Animals (HTA) in September. HTA is a candlelight vigil and animal blessing that is held on National Pet Memorial Day in Louisville, KY. The International Association of Pet Cemeteries has designated the second Sunday in September as National Pet Memorial Day and HTA is an annual event held in observance of this day.

This year, because HTA is on September 11, and is the 15-year anniversary of the 911 attacks, we will be honoring our animal heroes. Our guest will be Mr. Lance M. Bacon, a Marine Corps veteran with eight honorable years of service and the author of the book, “Hero Dogs: Secret Missions and Selfless Service.” Following Mr. Bacon’s presentation, we will proceed with the vigil and then the blessing of the animals for those who have brought their leashed pets as well as photos and ashes of those who have died.

I would like to invite all law enforcement personnel to submit their fallen K9 Heroes’ name to be listed in our memorial program book. When they do, they’ll also be able to submit a photo that will be shown at the event. Whether you are able to attend HTA or not, you can still submit a name as we postal mail them worldwide. Our deadline for submissions is August 12, and we do request a $10 donation to cover our expenses.

I hope that you’ll share this information. You can find out about HTA and how to submit a K9’s name here: www.honoringtheanimals.org/add-pet.html and about Chance’s Spot here: www.chancesspot.org.

Thank you so very much for your time.