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K-9 Styker & Alice - MD. , ~~   K-9 Chester & John, LEBA, SAR - CO., ~~  K-9 Xanthos & Max - Belgium

Several dozens of cards, plain and laminated were sent for the horse, "Frenchy'"
of the MA State Mounted Police.  The Rainbow Bridge was printed on the other sides.
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In Memory of Adame  AKA; "Frenchy" & "Frisko"
Mounted Patrol

I am the top half of a mounted patrol team,
working from horseback, a fulfillment of dreams.
My horse, my steed, just as in the days of old,
together we ride, together we're bold.
Every muscle I feel as we both work as one,
for it's you underneath me that makes this job fun.
Although there are days when you do give me attitude,
from you I will gather, all of my fortitude.
We enforce the laws and meet people,
all the day through,
and when we're greeted by others,
the one they speak to is you!
You help a cop's image, in a positive way,
an Officer on horseback, we'll help save the day.
For our Maker, he gave you the strength from above,
together we'll ride, together, in love.
Our ride for now is over, it's the close of the day,
you nicker so softly, as I bring you your hay.
I am the bottom half of this God fearing crew,
The love from my partner, will help see us through.
I was born to run wild, leave the danger that's near,
But the strength on my back, says I've nothing to fear.
I feel your hands and your legs, they help as you guide,
It's your strength that sustains me, when I could run and hide.
Your spurs sometimes tickle, you use them to nudge,
Sometimes I sure need them, because I won't budge.
The children, they see us, they squeal with delight,
An Officer on horseback, what a beautiful sight!
When I am on duty, I'm not allowed to eat,
But just look at that grass, it's just under my feet.
No one can describe it, this partnership and team,
We'll work as one forever, I'll feel you in my dreams.
The ride for now is over, the tack is recounted,
I'll rest till that time, we again will work mounted.
Phil West

Flag card below  & photo card above (heavy laminated)
used with any poem or poem/prayer, laminated.
DONATED to the Partner of all fallen K-9s. plus SAR & War.
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Military War Hero
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Tall and handsome - piercing eyes, 
Now he laughs - when once he cried. 
Saved by one who saw his pain, 
Unaware - they both would gain. 
Precious to know - beautiful to see,
He protects us all - you and me. 
His name is "Jake" - he patrols the streets, 
At night - in the dark - while others sleep. 
His friend - his partner - at his side, 
It's so much more than just a ride. 
His burden is heavy - his loyalty strong. 
To the man he loves - who does no wrong. 
Together they do what few can do, 
Upholding the law - not one, but two. 
United by love - together by choice, 
God gave them each other - now they rejoice. 
Together they serve - when few are awake, 
Together forever......
Kevin and Jake. 
Kevin Oginski, K9 officer 
Pantego, Texas PD
Gayle Haney  09-08-2000
K-9 Robby
 Last Partner: LCPL Shawnn Manthey

“The Hero In You”
Dear Robby,
      On this day we give your body a new resting place.
You will now be among  the most highly decorated
K-9 soldiers of your breed in honor for your
service to this Country.
Your memory will never be forgotten by the
one’s who love and respect you and know
you were a gift from God.  
You had a very special mission on earth 

and now that it’s done because of you Robby,
no other soldier will have to die unnecessarily. 
Your life on earth did make a difference
which will now save thousands.
     So today Robby, “We Salute You,” 
and forgive us for not really seeing, 
“The Hero In You”.
© Freda H. Babinski   5-6-01

The First & The Last
The first to sense the hostility of a suspect,
The first to react to protect his master.
The first to enter where danger lurks.
The first to detect the hidden intruder.
The first to take action against violence.
The first to sense his master's joy.
The first to know his master's sorrow or fear.
The first to give his life in defense of his master.
The last to be forgotten by those who work with
others like him. They know him as a "Partner,"
not just an animal. (author unknown)

American Indians & Dogs
There is a story told by the American Indians 
that the Great Spirit decided to divide 
the worlds of animal and man; 
so he gathered all the living beings on a 
great  plain and drew a line in the dirt. 
On one side of the line stood man; 
on the other side stood all of the animals. 
And that line began to open up into a great 
crevasse; and at the last moment, 
before it became unreachable, 
dog leaped over - and stood by man. 

                         - Unknown author

The Dogs of SAR 
I remember the day was clear 
And the scent was good
I remember the broken glass
Yet doing what I could
I remember your command
You said to Go and Seek
And listen for a weary cry
Although it may be weak
I remember long days and nights
No murmur could I hear
I remember that awful smell
You told me it was fear
I could not find a living soul
As I searched with paw and nose
Yet above this desperate scene
A new spirit rose
A year has past, new heroes crowned
My part a passing thought
But I am proud for what I did
No recognition sought
And who am I you may now ask
Who came from near and far
I am the one so aptly named
A dog of SAR.
--by Janis Dibert  (C)

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