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Brothers and sisters I bid you beware 
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.   ~ Kipling

 Leesy with Holly & Ash - and our Chloe - April (mother of Chloe & Ash)
APRIL &  Ash are the TRUE champions, while the others are "our" champions.
Below is ASH, AKA; Ch. Snowy River 'N Shomberg Ambler New Champion, Dec. 2001 (half brother to Chloe).
Meet (above) Ch. Snowy River 'N Shomberg Ambler JH
All in the family @ SNOWY RIVER GSPs  -  Frederick, MD
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First visit with Dr. DeLorenzo for Chloe & Leesy with Dr. Mosson (Parkway Vets)

Here is Leesy & her Longhorn heifer Rosie taken at the Frederick, MD Fair.
She is 4 months old and 390 pounds. Isn't she precious? She is at my friend
Pat's with their other 31 Longhorns. Actually I own half interest,

REMEMBER - Having a pet is the only opportunity a human has to choose a relative.

(Staff photo by Nicole Martyn )

Motel antics land Buddy on TV show
by Emily Sloviko (above) of Thurmont, MD
Photo won Honorable Mention at the annual photo contest, sponsored by the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB Gazette, 
monthly magazine in the June 2000 issue. Proud to say she is a friend!   Congrats, Emily!

By Karen Gardner Assistant Family Editor
  Buddy, a German shorthaired pointer, was adopted by Emily Sloviko and her husband, Fred, when Buddy was a year and a half. He had been abandoned and was tied to a building for several days when he was reported to Animal Control. Buddy is a natural at doing tricks, and will be featured on Animal Planet's "Breed All About It" on Monday, Aug. 13, at 2 p.m.  THURMONT Buddy needed a job and Emily Sloviko had a talent for training dogs. The two came together nearly four years ago and now Buddy helps out at the motel operated by Ms. Sloviko and her husband, Fred. Buddy is a 5-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.  Buddy will flirt with fame later this month as the cable network Animal Planet features him on one of its programs. Animal Planet's "Breed All About It" spotlights a different breed each show, and on Monday, Aug. 13, 2001 at 2 PM.  Buddy will be one of three German Shorthaired Pointers on the program. Buddy was a year and a half when the Slovikos adopted him. He had been abandoned and was found tied to a building in Frederick. He remained tied for several days before he was taken to the animal shelter. Shelter workers called a representative from the Mason Dixon German Shorthaired Pointer Club's rescue organization. The Slovikos were searching for a dog that needed a home. "He was just what we were looking for," Ms. Sloviko said. The Slovikos have had German shorthaired pointers for 26 years, ever since they bought the Rambler Inn in Thurmont. Buddy is their fourth dog. "He was healthy and well-adjusted. He fit in like an old shoe. Whoever had him loved him." Ms. Sloviko took Buddy to obedience school and he learned a few basic tricks. She also took him to dog agility class where he learned to navigate obstacle courses. "You could just tell he wanted me to teach him something more," she said. "There was something in his eyes." She signed up for a four-week course on dog tricks at Wonder Pup Academy in Frederick. "He picked it up so quickly," Ms. Sloviko said. Buddy learned to shake, to beg, to play dead, to roll over, all the usual dog tricks. Ms. Sloviko decided to continue the training after the course ended and Buddy has been an eager student. Now Buddy is her assistant at the motel. "He feels like he's contributing," Ms. Sloviko said. Buddy puts his paws up on the counter to greet customers. For those who like dogs, Buddy will hand them a pen and put the keys before them. When Ms. Sloviko rings the bell and calls out "Bellboy," Buddy will scurry out into the lobby and pick up a bag and walk down the hall with the patron. When the patron enters the room, Buddy carries in the bag and deposits it on the floor. "This helps out our customer relations," Ms. Sloviko said. "It puts the customer at ease. Especially if they're animal lovers, it makes them feel more at home." Animal Planet learned of Buddy through the Mason Dixon German Shorthaired Pointer Club. The TV network puts out requests for dogs to be featured to breed organizations. "Animal Planet called me and asked if I knew of any dogs who would make good human interest stories and Buddy was the first one I thought about," said Carol White of Jefferson. She shows and trains German Shorthaired dogs, and also helps with the breed rescue.  She was instrumental in getting the Slovikos to adopt Buddy when he was in the Frederick County animal shelter. "He's a pretty neat dog," Ms. White said. "They've taken the time to train him and acclimate him to their situation."  Buddy's story captured Animal Planet's producers. In March, a film crew came to the motel and spent nine hours recording Buddy's antics. "He was awesome that day," Ms. Sloviko said. Like other dogs, and most people, Buddy has his lapses. "Some days he's just brain dead. But other days he's perfect. I feel like anything I want him to do he would do. He's that responsive.  Buddy is a silky-smooth, liver-colored dog with white spots flecking his body. Lithe and agile, he loves to run. Ms. Sloviko takes him to a nearby camp where he can run through the woods and cool off in a pond She chose her first German Shorthaired dogs because of their characteristics. "They're very intelligent and active," she said. "I wanted something to keep me active. They're very adaptable, and we just love the way they look." She has considered getting a dog of another breed, but added, "I just keep coming back to them. They seem to suit our lifestyle." German Shorthaired Pointers are about the size of Labrador retrievers, but leaner. They usually weigh 55 to 70 pounds. Their short coat makes grooming easy. The American Kennel Club's breed standard says the shorthaired "is friendly, intelligent and willing to please." The dogs have a keen enthusiasm. The dogs are hardy and need a lot of exercise. When home, however, they love to be inside with their family. Buddy does more than register guests and take their bags to their room. He will deliver the newspaper to those waiting outside their door. He will also help "tuck" in willing guests and bow his head in prayer. "Bless my mom, bless my dad," recited Ms. Sloviko, as Buddy placed his head on a guest bed. "Thanks to them I'm not so sad. Now I know I'm walked and fed, and will have walks and a nice warm bed." Ms. Sloviko has also taught Buddy to retrieve a handkerchief if she sneezes. There's something Buddy would rather do more than anything, however, and that's chase a ball. Tennis balls are ever-present in the motel's lobby. "He will play ball forever," Ms. Sloviko said.

who belongs to Mario(Holland) 

SCHIMI belongs to a former K-9 officer, Mario Warnaar & wife, Gerda, of the Netherlands.
Schimi was named after a German cop of a police series. He is a crossbreed, of a so named home/garden cat (Holland) and a Norwegian forest cat. 
He weighs almost 9 kilos, a big one!
Meet: Anthony Hough & family of Albany, NY

Christmas 2001

He's 17 mo.old, born Sept. 7, 2000 to Tasha Shep & Rockingham of Buckley. He lives in PA with  Brenda, Bob & Matt

Sir Lancelot T. Drager
of Pennside 

Now, Meet Bob & Lulu & "Heidi"

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