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! .Dutch-American Police K-9  

Sgt. Dick van Leenen, (39) is a police officer with the Rotterdam-Rijnmond PD in Holland for almost 25 years. The last ten years he worked as a K-9 officer with the Rotterdam-Rijnmond PD, K-9 unit. He  is presently a member of the Royal Dutch Police dog Organization (KNPV).  

Officer Greg Thomas is working for the Gilbert PD in Arizona, USA and the last ten years he has been working as a K-9 officer.  He is also a member of a Schutzhund Club.  

Both Greg Thomas and Dick van Leenen were able to make their profession out of their hobby. They met each other a couple of years ago through the internet and a lifetime friendship was born.  

Greg Thomas visited the Rotterdam-Rijnmond PD, K-9 unit several times for K-9 instruction and decoy training.  Dick van Leenen went to Arizona ta work with the K-9 units of the Gilbert 6 PD, Mesa PD and Chandler PD.  Next to that he gave instruction in K-9 training and decoy work on a seminar of the Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association (ALECA) in Scottsdale, AZ.  

Dick van Leenen and Greg Thomas can offer you a highly professional K-9 seminar, which includes K-9 training and instruction, decoy training and K-9 problem solving.  Our specialty is “how to make young and new police dogs street worthy?!”  During this seminar, your dog will have the opportunity to bite a decoy, without a suit!  Street worthy scenarios are set up and handlers get instruction how to make their dog better.  

This instruction seminar is available for Law Enforcement K-9 units and civilian K9 organizations through-out the USA and Canada.  


You can e-mail Dick van Leenen  ( or Greg Thomas  ( for more information and pictures about this seminar.  


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